Being Positive – The Secret To Weight Loss

yogaforslimmersBe in tune with God

This might not sound very realistic, but it is true. The first step towards achieving weight loss is developing a proper relationship with God. It is in knowing God that you discover your real self and accept who and what you really are. If you don’t accept the realities of your own self, you will not understand the need to lose weight.

Check your relationships

The next thing to do is to check your relationships. You may have to enter into new relationships and leave behind other old relationships.  This is absolutely necessary because the people around you affect the way you live and the choices you make. You cannot expect to eat right if all the people around you continue the bad habits that led to your weight gain.  If you are in the company of people who make healthy choices when it comes to food, you will be encouraged to do so yourself.

Be positive

You next need to have a positive attitude about what you want to achieve. You must believe in your ability to achieve whatever you set out to accomplish. There is a lot of discouragement around us. We are constantly being told how difficult or impossible it is to do simple things; but a positive mindset will help you pursue your goals even when facing incredible odds.

Challenge your thoughts

Take a moment to list all the negative thoughts you have had about how impossible it is to lose weight. Challenge those thoughts and you may end up making the most positive change in your life.  Challenge those thoughts that say you can’t lose weight; make the challenges work for you.

Use positive affirmations

Start visualizing what you want to look like.  Say it aloud to yourself. Repeat it several times so that it becomes part of you. As you change your thoughts you will realize that you have a new energy to move on to your weight loss goals.


Then start exercising. This does not mean that you must engage in strenuous exercise; just participate in an activity you enjoy.  Try walking for a few minutes a day, even if it is just around the house. You can turn on music and dance for a few minutes. Get members of your family involved if they are available.

Make sure you are entirely committed to what you are doing. This will lead to results in no time at all.