6 Beneficial Natural Cures For Cholesterol

6 Beneficial Natural Cures For Cholesterol
There is a vast difference between the lifestyle of people which existed a century back or say about two-three decades back as compared to today. Today’s modern world is fast paced, in which various innovations and scientific discoveries such as computers, telephones, vehicles, home electronics and many others have become an integral part of daily activities.This change in lifestyle has brought with it various lifestyle diseases. And of all these lifestyle diseases, high level of cholesterol has hit most of the population. Cholesterol, as the name suggests, is a sterol (made of steroid group and alcohol group) or a lipid group found in the cell membrane. Cholesterol is classified into two types namely Low Density Lipoproteins (LDL – considered bad cholesterol) and high Density Lipoprotein (HDL- considered good cholesterol).

Cholesterol – produced by liver – is a vital element in cell repair, synthesis of various hormones and natural steroids, Vitamin D production, facilitation of metabolism and others. Now, while HDL carries the unused cholesterol to liver which then removes it from body, LDL gets deposited on the walls of arteries and restricts proper circulation of blood to liver, kidney, brain, heart and other organs – making it bad cholesterol.Controlling levels of cholesterol is thus extremely important since it leads various heart diseases. It is not very difficult to control cholesterol if one follows a healthy day to day regime. Below given are some of the many beneficial natural cures available to regulate levels of cholesterol in our body.

Top Beneficial Natural Cures For Cholesterol


Garlic is a strong blood thinning agent, and hence when the cholesterol deposits reduce the blood circulation, garlic helps in fighting against it. Ideally, uncooked cloves of garlic should be consumed every morning on daily basis. If you find it difficult to consume the raw clove directly, garlic can also be eaten in form of powder, paste, spice, or as supplement in food.

Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek seeds (methi seeds) contain rich extracts of protein, niacin, potassium, diosgenin (a compound containing properties of estrogen) and fiber – all of which help in reducing cholesterol.Fenugreek seeds can be consumed directly with water in the morning or alternatively it can be grinded into a coarse powder.One tablespoon of this powder should be taken with water daily empty stomach.

fenugreek seeds

Olive Oil

Olive oil is another kitchen ingredient which removes saturated fat and induces antioxidant compounds such as phenol in the blood.Take two tablespoons or about 25 milliliters of virgin olive oil everyday for controlling levels of cholesterol.
olive oil


I am sure that the very moment you hear of the word cinnamon reminds you of the tasty hot cinnamon tea. But while sipping the tea, did you ever think that it would help you to decrease your cholesterol levels? Yes, consuming about half a teaspoon of cinnamon regularly helps in lowering cholesterol levels in the body. Apart from having it with beverages such as tea and coffee, cinnamon can also be consumed by sprinkling its powdered form on various food items.

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Alfalfa leaves contain an element called saponin which binds with cholesterol and forms a compound. This compound prevents the absorption of cholesterol and hence it does not get deposited on the artery walls. Take one tablespoon of alfalfa leaves in one cup of water and allow it to boil for about 15 minutes. Filter and drink. You can have about two-three cups of this drink to minimize the cholesterol.

Lady’s Finger

It may appear a little uncanny that lady’s finger could be a possible remedy to cholesterol. Actually lady’s finger is full of fiber content which helps in lowering cholesterol and also blood sugar. Simply cut the raw vegetable into two parts and soak it half a glass of water for 7-8 hours. Drink that liquid empty stomach in the morning on daily basis and observe the wonders it does in controlling cholesterol.
lady finger
These natural cures may appear easy to be adopted, but it is very important to strictly adhere to a disciplined regime and follow these cures. Make more and more space for fruits and vegetables in your diet and stay away from trans fat. Sweat out in the park and shed off all the excess weight and fat through various physical exercises such as walking, running, swimming, skipping and others.

These exercises increase the metabolism rate and thus improve blood circulation which helps in nullifying the bad effects of cholesterol. Also, seeking a doctor’s timely advice is always prudent when high levels of cholesterol continue to persist; since there is never a short-cut for good health. We understand high cholesterol is difficult to deal with, but making small and useful changes in lifestyle will help you stay healthy.