Benefits and Drawbacks of Permanent Make Up

You should do some serious thinking before you choose to get a permanent make up. Permanent make up has both benefits and drawbacks. Before choosing to wear permanent make up, it is important that you consider the negatives and positives.

Below are a few points that may help you to make an informed decision.


Not everyone is good at applying makeup and that is why there are professionals. If you are not so good at applying your own makeup, you may go to a professional to get that permanent makeup once and for all.

Permanent makeup gives you confidence to go about your daily activities without worrying about what you look like. You can save some of the trips you make to the washroom to freshen yourself. It does not matter what you have been doing or how long you have been out of the house, you will look the same as you left the house.

Applying makeup can be very time consuming. For a very busy person, permanent makeup should sound very appealing as it will save you several minutes of the time you spend in front of the mirror every day.


If you love looking different from time to time, permanent makeup is not for you because you will be stuck with the same look every minute of every day, for a very long time.

The truth with looks is, what is “in” today, may be “out” in a very short time. You could get permanent makeup that is considered ‘in’ today and wake up a few years later to find that it is outdated. Think about that before getting permanent makeup.

For those who cannot withstand pain, permanent makeup is not for you. Getting permanent makeup is a painful process – it is basically tattooing. There is also the chance that you may get a health complication like an infection, in the process.

The bottom line is that getting permanent makeup is not something you should rush into. Think carefully about all the benefits and drawbacks given above, and any other you can think of, and only then you should make your decision.