Benefits of Exfoliating the Skin

Exfoliation is the process by which the dead cells of the skin are removed and this allows the proper growth of the new skin cells. The skin becomes smooth, clear and healthy. But exfoliating is just not a procedure to help your skin look well; there are many other benefits of exfoliating as well.

If the dead skin builds up, then all the gleam of the supple skin is taken away and the skin looks dull. The dead skin does not absorb or contain water and renders a flaky look to the remainder of the skin surface.

There is another good reason to exfoliate. When the dead skin cells clog your pores, the skin is not able to lose the oil and the cleansing agents are not able to clear the pores as well. Besides this, the area does not get as hydrated as it should be and hence there are chances of blemishes.

With the clogged pores, the chances of blackheads and pimples increase, especially in the case of oily skin. Therefore it becomes vitally important that the dead skin cells be removed so that the skin gets exposed to the elements of nutrition and hydration.

In case of dry skin, if you regularly exfoliate your skin, then you create room for the new skin cells to develop, which have to be hydrated to grow; they take the place of the dead skin cells that get removed by the process of exfoliation. This helps in creating a non dry look on the skin.

If your skin has a lot of dead cells, then it will lose its smoothness and will either look bumpy or flaky. Flaky skin gives allowance to let the dirt and dust settle easily because it tends to hang from the surface and traps the particles. These in turn render the skin susceptible to blemishes and other skin concerns. The fact that uneven skin texture looks unflattering stays too.

Also the dust does not allow water and the other nutrients to reach the inner cells. Bumpy skin does not allow uniform application of skin care products as well. Therefore it becomes really important to remove flaky and bumpy skin by exfoliating. The beauty regime can never be complete without it.