Benefits Of Green Tea Oil For Skin

green tea oilSkin care is one of the most important aspects which are no longer limited to women but also to men. It is one of the best ways to groom your look and appearance and catch the attention of people around.

Flawless and clear skin has for always been one of the pre requisites for beauty among women apart from bright and light skin. The idea is to stay away from surgical methods solely because they have their own set of side effects and risks that can be permanent.

On the other hand, nature has given us innumerable products that can be used is achieving the goals. One of the many famous and effective natural liquids is the green tea oil that falls under the essential oils category. There are a number of benefits attached with the use of this oil on the skin. This guide below will give you a detailed idea about the advantages that it has. Check them out and follow regularly: –

Green Tea Oil For Skin

Anti Ageing Properties

One of the major benefits for the skin because of which a lot of women include green tea oil in their face packs and other masks is solely because it keeps the skin away from ageing signs for a longer period of time.

anti aging

All you need to do is either add a few drops of pure green tea oil in any of the facial packs once in a while or else dilute it with a carrier oil and apply on the skin with clean cotton ball each day for about 15 minutes to get best outcomes for keeping wrinkles, fine lines and age spots away.

Cures Inflammation Of The Skin

In case of any kind of inflammation caused on the skin and because of any reason whatsoever, you can easily apply some green tea oil on the affected area.


The anti-inflammatory properties of the liquid help in getting more that satisfactory results and give you the comfort you crave for. Apply it directly on the skin each day until the problem subsides completely. This should be rinsed after about half an hour for good results.

Moisturizing Benefits

Green tea oil unlike the green tea that is water based has the property of penetrating the skin in an ideal manner. The idea is to use it as one of the active ingredients in the creams and lotions you use everyday. This can help in deep nourishment and hydration of the skin in an easy and smooth manner. You can also dilute green tea oil with some carrier oil like olive oil and get a massage once in a while for smooth and soft skin free from dryness. This should be done at least once in a week for right outcomes.

Protection From Harmful Sun Rays

The natural antioxidants that are present in the liquid is high amounts is really an advantage for the skin. One of the many antioxidants Cathechin is a benefit for those who want some protection for their skin from the UV rays of the sun.

harmful sun rays

Application of green tea oil or products that have this natural oil as an ingredient can really help in keeping the skin away from permanent damage caused by prolonged sunlight. All you need to do is use it daily before stepping out of the house.

Treats Pimples And Acne

Green tea oil is known for its anti-bacterial properties. Acne and pimples is nothing but accumulation of bacteria and dirt on the skin that causes bumps and break outs.


Using a little green tea oil directly on the pimples and acne can give you fine results that are not possible even with the highest quality of medications in a lot of cases. Apply the liquid each day until the issue is completely treated.