Benefits Of Honey For Skin

Honey For Skin

Honey For SkinHoney has always been looked upon as nature’s precious grant that can be counted on for its healing and skin enriching bonuses. Were you aware of the fact that the profound use of honey can be traced back to ancient Egyptian times? Even Queen Cleopatra knew the secret to smooth, supple skin and thus indulged in the richness of honey, mixed with other ingredients!

Your skin deserves more than a routine dose of synthetic cosmetics. Even though, the chemicals hide the skin imperfections such as age spots, can they make the wrinkles, skin parchment and blemishes disappear for good?

It is time to nurture your skin with a nectarous treat (literally too!) that repels skin problems and attracts a steady stream of compliments or queries regarding the secret to your diva like skin quality. While reading the article, you will come across the umpteen perks of naturally available honey. This is followed by some easy-to-assemble and use honey recipes.

Honey Skin Care Benefits

Honey Refills And Locks The Hydration

There is no doubt about the role of honey being one of the finest hydration aids nature was bestowed upon us. Honey possesses a hydroscopic nature which allows it to draw moisture from the atmosphere. Therefore, when applied over the skin , it infuses moisture and locks it in, too. The restored level of moisture makes the skin baby soft to touch and amazingly supple.

Skin Cleansing Properties

The presence of anti- oxidants in honey enables the sweet, thick liquid to fight bacteria which tend to destroy the skin. The non abrasive consistency of honey makes it a sound cleaning agent and helps achieve a clean, glowing skin.

Skin Cleansing

The enzymatic action of hydrogen peroxide produced by honey eliminates sinister micro-organisms and allows the abraded or wounded skin to heal completely, sans scarring.

With Honey, You Can Bactrack The Aging Process!

Excessive and prolonged exposure to the sun results in damage to the skin, which manifests in the form of premature aging. Once again, the anti- oxidant power of honey comes to the rescue and destroys the free radicals which target the skin, resulting in wrinkle free skin.

Honey Works As An Exfoliant

All the varieties of honey are rich in natural sugars such as glucose, fructose along with alpha hydroxy acids which function as gentle skin exfoliating agents. The non harsh action of honey thus aids in minimizing the unsightly appearance of skin spots or blemishes. The process of exfoliation accelerates the rate at which skin cells are renewed which boosts the skins’ radiant look.

Stops The Acne And Blackhead Attack

Spike in the level of hormone during phases of stress, puberty, menstrual cycle and even menopause can over stimulate the working of sebaceous glands.

Stops The Acne And Blackhead Attack

As a result, surplus production of oil occurs. The inadequate removal of oil leads to clogging of hair follicles. To check the frequent outbreaks of acne and blackheads which affect your self confidence, make good use of honey. You’ll be amazed how quickly skin impurities are drawn out resulting in marked reduction of acne flare ups.

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Manuka honey has a strong role to play in resolving skin conditions such as dermatitis and especially, eczema. This type of honey helps in providing relief from the itchy symptoms of eczema and soothes the flaky, inflamed tissue.

It is the abundant presence of a natural anti-bacterial compound called methylglyoxala and hydrogen peroxide, which empowers the, New Zealand originated honey to control the unfavourable effects of Eczema on the skin.

5 Must Try Honey Recipes

Forget Troublesome Skin Acne Using Honey

Acne sufferers can try the below given recipe for best results. Direct application of a honey dripped cotton swab over the affected skin area for roughly 5 minutes brings improvement. You can rinse the honey off with warm water. Repeat this quick skin remedy for a minimum of seven to ten days for noticeable results.

Honey Plus Oatmeal Anti Acne Mask

To prepare this, pour about a cup full of water in a pan and let it boil. Add and stir in a half filled cup of oatmeal. Once mixed thoroughly, leave the lid on for a few minutes. Once the oatmeal is cooked, pour a quarter filled cup of honey.

Honey Plus Oatmeal Anti Acne Mask

Once the prepared mask has cooled down sufficiently, apply it all across the facial skin (except the delicate skin circling the eye area). Use warm water to remove the mask after 15-20 minutes. This mask is intended to pull out the excess oil production and reduce inflammation.

For a rejuvenated skin, apply this facial mask each day for at least a week.

Fight Signs Of Aging, Try Avocado And Honey Mask

The sweet nectar collected by honey bees can successfully detoxify your skin. The following recipe is convenient to prepare and only requires a few minutes. The ingredients needed are a half cut, peeled avocado, one egg yolk and one table spoon of raw or store bought honey. Once you’ve cleaned your face, mash the fruit in a bowl to make the application easy. Add the other two ingredients and mix well.

Use your fingers to spread the pack evenly, all over your face and neck. Leave it on for twenty minutes after which, rinse your fresh looking skin with warm water.

Brighten Your Skin With Honey And Turmeric

Instead of spending lots of money on skin lightening products available in the market, save both your time and skin from the harsh effect of bleaching chemicals.

Honey And Turmeric

For women looking for a homemade alternative for dark blotches on the skin, mix a tea spoon of powdered turmeric and a table spoon of organic honey in a clean cup. Gently apply the pack all across your face and wash it off after ten minutes.

Tone Up Your Skin With Honey And Egg White

Instead of opting for skin tightening treatments in the parlour, maximize the tonicity of your facial muscles with this simple face mask. Quickly whip the egg whites such that they form stiff peaks. Once that’s done, incorporate a large table spoon of honey and continue the whipping process till you notice the glossy appearance of the mixture. Apply the mask in incremental layers on clean skin.

To moisturize the skin even more, drizzle a few drops of aromatic lavender essential oil or olive oil and wear the mask for 10 to 20 minutes. The use of egg white with honey is best suited for oily skin type.