Benefits of Mineral Makeup

Mineral Makeup

Mineral MakeupIt is very hard to find a cosmetic for sensitive skin. There are wide ranges of products available in the market, which fall into three major categories- chemical or traditional makeup, hypoallergenic makeup and organic/mineral makeup. Sensitive skin can rely on natural cosmetics that are safe and healthy. Chemical makeup is made of harsh chemicals that cause damage to our skin. Following mother’s traditional makeup is very common. However, why opt for dangerous chemicals, when there are pure natural products out in the market?

Mineral and Organic Makeup:

Hypoallergenic products are less allergic, compared to the traditional makeup. In most cases, there is removal of only the perfume and the strong chemicals from the chemical makeup. Thus, they cannot be 100% harmless. Always be sure to read the ingredients on the label before purchasing the products. Mineral makeup consists of natural minerals and plant extracts that are safe and mild on your skin. Organic makeup is also made of plant extracts and they may or may not have minerals in them. It is important to buy certified organic products, as others may have some harmful ingredients. Mineral makeup is the best, because it enhances your looks by giving a great coverage, while giving a natural glow to your skin.

What to expect from the minerals:

1. Minerals are good for the skin, as they are nourishing and mild.
2. Minerals revive your skin as they cover your flaws.
3. They do not block pores, so the skin can breathe freely.
4. Mineral powder foundation gives an even finish.
5. Minerals make you look natural, not made-up.
6. There are no possible side effects because they are all natural. These are best for sensitive skin.
7. They are irritant-free.
8. There are no artificial dyes, scent or oil in the makeup.
9. All skin types have separate makeup products to suit their skin.
10. Most of the foundations contain SPF in it for sun-protection.

Get a flaw-less skin in just seconds without any expensive salon treatments. In general, staying away from chemical products can save your skin from damage. Try using natural remedies to help and heal your skin. Some of the miracles are right in your own kitchen that can be very helpful.

Some of them are eggs, yogurt, honey, lime/lemon, milk, papaya, watermelon, any fruit pulp, gram flour, wheat flour and many other easily available items! Learn how to use these items to nourish your skin and feel the difference. Top it with mineral cosmetics and you will see wonders!