Benefits of Mineral Makeup

Benefits of Mineral Makeup

Benefits of Mineral MakeupHave you seen the advertisements for makeup containing minerals and been skeptical? Most people are at first. Here is this new makeup technology claiming to be better than all the rest. Well, most people don’t know how to get to do a first-hand comparison. Well here it is.

There are Similarities

First of all, keep in mind that they are made up of similar components. Their major difference is the formula used for composing the makeup and the additives. There is a small percentage of difference between the amount of additives used, such as fragrances, preservatives and dye contained in either.  What is important to keep in mind about the additives is that even a small amount can change the quality of the makeup and the way it feels on the skin.

Natural Metals Help Your Skin

Mineral makeup is made up of natural ingredients. They often contain minerals such as zinc, mica and titanium oxide. These ingredients are usually less abrasive to the skin. The mineral ingredients do not clog the skin, making it kinder on acne prone skin. Also, the oxides contained in the metal also act as a soothing agent for your skin and keep the skin from puffiness.

Mineral makeup tends be lighter allowing for a more natural appearance. They allow the wearer to have a natural flawless look instead of looking made-up. This lightness also does away with the need for a separate foundation. Mineral makeup covers blemishes without the need for further concealers or other products. The minerals does not sweat away or settle into your wrinkles the way traditional makeup does, making reapplication necessary a few hours after wearing it.

Updating the Traditional

More than anything mineral makeup is a unique update of something old. For those who have shied away from makeup because it does not look natural, or for the less traditional woman who does not have enough time. Mineral makeup allows for faster application and a more pleasurable makeup experience.

The makeup will not be heavy and give the consumer the feeling of wearing a mask. The time saved during application will make wearing makeup on a regular basis more convenient. By providing more effective coverage, mineral makeup lets you put your best face forward.