Benefits Of Mini Facelift Procedures

mini facelifts benefits

mini facelifts benefitsWrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin are the most undesired changes that occur due to increasing age. Due to improper skin care and intake of unhealthy diet, many younger people also witness the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on their facial and neck areas.

As people age, they start losing the elasticity and firmness of their skin, which ultimately lead to droopy skin and wrinkles. For such people, mini facelift procedures have been developed. These procedures, if performed on the right candidate can produce amazing result.

Meaning Of A Mini Facelift

Full facelift have been in practice since last few decades, but mini facelift is comparatively a new cosmetic procedure. The other terms used to denote mini facelift are ‘weekend facelift’ and ‘neck lift’.

A mini face-lift has been particularly designed for reversing the early signs of aging. It is performed on the lower third area of the face. Although, it is not as effective as a full face-lift, it is easier to be carried out and also requires less time for recovery.

Types Of Mini Facelifts

Basically, there are two types of mini facelifts viz. cervicoplasty and submentoplasty.


This procedure is suitable for people, who are overweight or experience weight fluctuations. In cervicoplasty, the extra fat and skin are removed by making an incision beneath the chin. The neck muscles are also tightened during this procedure.


This procedure is suitable for people, who are healthy and are not obese. People having mild to moderate sagging skin at the cheeks, jaws and neck undertake submentoplasty. An incision is made at a place that aligns with the contours of the neck area and the neck muscles are tightened during the procedure.

Mini Facelift Procedures

Mini facelift is a surgical procedure that tries to improve the appearance of people. It is designed to treat sagging facial skin and to create an attractive youthful appearance.

During the process of a mini facelift, the surgeon uses small incisions for operating and repositioning facial tissues. If required, your surgeon may also trim the extra skin and fat in the neck or the jaw areas. The occurrence of scarring is reduced by performing the surgery endoscopically.

Benefits Of Mini Facelift Procedures

Since incisions are made behind the ears or under the chin, scars are not visible to others. Mini facelift procedure is a boon for young people, who want to revive their dull and tired skin.

It is less risky as compared to the full facelift and the recovery time is also shorter. Less swelling is experienced by the patient and hence the healing process also occurs rapidly. The patient is able to return to the normal work within a week.


Mini facelifts may not be beneficial for aged people. These procedures mainly benefit people, who are in the age group of 30 to 40. Therefore, if you want to reduce severe sagging, you must consider full facelift. You should follow your doctor’s instructions carefully to get the maximum benefit. Also, don’t expect that your deep wrinkles will get eliminated during the mini facelift procedures.

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