Benefits Of Resistance Training For Women

resistance training

resistance trainingMost of the women seems confused when it comes to do resistance training in the gym. They are comfortable doing cycling or cardio but not in strength training. This is because of the lack of awareness of the benefits of resistance training.

Resistance training helps to reshape a woman’s body into a toned and lean body. It also helps to increase the self confidence. The increased resistance in your body helps to take you one step ahead in fitness. Some of the benefits of resistance training are discussed here:

Resistance Training For Women

Reshapes Body

One of the benefits of resistance training that most of the people know is reshaping of the body. Some women hold a misconception that lifting weights will make them bulky. The reason is that they need to lift the weights almost every day to remain fit which may be a challenge for some women.

reshapes body

After lifting weights for some days, you will surely notice a change in your arm, waist and circumference of the leg and increased length of the body muscles. To rule out the chances of bulk muscles, try to use a combination of resistance with different weight dumbshells, weight machines and resistance bands as it increases the resistance of the body.

Burns Fat

Research states that you can burn more calories with the muscles as compared to body fat. When you are in resting mode then the energy source for muscles is fat which gets burn fast when you do resistance training. The body needs extra energy to complete the daily routine activities when there is excess muscle mass.

You can keep your heart rate up during your exercise schedule while practicing circuit style weight training which will make you energetic for longer hours even after the workout.

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Increases Self Confidence

The posture of the body tends to improve with stronger muscles. It is rightly said that when you look good, it means you are feeling good. It gives a good and powerful feeling when you become lean and it is visible from your face and you will always carry a new attitude. So get the benefits of resistance training.

Bone Density

When you grow older then it becomes difficult to do some activities like lifting children, using stairs, walking fast. This problem can be avoided in your future with the use of resistance training. The increased bone density will help you to do these types of activities with much ease.

The working out and the use of resistance training will add years to your life and will stop the occurrence of many diseases like cancer, stress, cold and flu.

bone density

Now to start doing resistance training, you should be aware of the weights that are safe to be lifted. In the beginning, use light weights that can be easily lifted by you for 12-15 reps of the exercise. The recommended weight for arms and back is 8lb, 5lb for shoulder press or lateral raises and 15 lbs for squats and lunges of the lower body.

After starting with these weights, keep on increasing the weight as your body allows. Make sure to complete a circuit of weight lifting alternate day for at least two weeks. The stronger you have become, then start giving more focus on different body parts to get rid of the extra cellulite in your body.