4 Best Prom Formal Hairstyles

4 Best Prom Formal Hairstyles

Prom nights have a different significance altogether in one’s life. It means a lot because it commemorates one’s future life. Every girl dreams of putting her best foot forward on these prom nights. But the big question always revolves around what to wear and the hair do to opt for.

Girls give a lot of importance to prom hairstyles as they tend to make or break one’s personality.So we thought of giving you a hairstyle guide to select your prom hairstyle and look your best on your special day. So here are the best 4 formal prom hairstyles.

Prom Formal Hairstyles

Soft Tease

If you love how the bun adores a face, this formal prom hairstyle is for you then.Make a deep side part, leaving aside your bangs, and brush them all to one side. Now back comb a little on the crown area to create some volume.

soft tease

Cover the front section by combing to get a soft look and bring all hair back behind the ear. Secure using bobby pins above nape. Roll all hair inwards like a French roll. Iron out your bangs and your ready with your soft tease bun. Accessorise with pins and flowers.

Roman Ponytail

Tie a high pony by combing all your hair properly.Hide the rubber band using a section of your hair from the base. Take some pomade and run it through your hair to get the desired shine. Now take a long silk thread. Wrap it around on the rubber band of your pony leaving two ends lose.

ponytail cut

Now take each end and criss-cross it down the length of your pony. When you reach the end, just wrap it around the bottom base leaving just about two inches from the end. Use your fingers to gently pull hair from each section created with the thread. Your roman ponytail is ready.

Chic Pouf

After washing your hair, apply some pomade and serum to get the shine and bounce.Comb aside the front section and comb back the rest of the hair and turn it into a nice bun.Take the front section, back comb it a little and then comb the front few layers to even out the hair.


Now take this pouf and secure using bobby pins. Use a real flower to adorn your bun or just a few stones to stick on to the outer side of the bun and your chic pouf is done. This hairstyle looks extremely chic when teamed up with halter neck dresses.

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Cascading Spirals

If you are blessed with natural curls, this is your answer to your formal prom hairstyle. With very little effort you can sport this very sexy hairstyle.


After your hair wash, use some curling lotion and apply it on your hair to get more curly spirals.Now turn your head upside down and use a blow dryer to get bouncy spirals. Take your hair from ear to ear and tie it into a very high pony right at the crown and you are done. Use a pretty satin bow or a headband to accessorise and you are ready to rock your cascading spirals.