Best 6 Medium Layered Haircut Styles

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Medium-sized layers are always fun. They are so versatile that you can try almost any haircut style with it. They give your hair a bounce, a frame and they are always easy to carry.

But often, people think that once you get layers for yourself, all you can do with your hair is either keep them open or clip half. Well, we are about to break your myth. There are a host of styles that you can be donned with your medium-sized layers. To add spice to your hair, we give you the best 6 styles for medium layered haircuts.

Medium Layered Haircut Styles

Curly Affair

This style does look a little messy and that is exactly what makes it stand out. The layers look light and the curls look natural. It shuns the typical look that most people with layers have.

curly affair

You can either sport this if you have natural curls or use a curling rod to achieve it. It is easy to manage yet stylish. Use a diffuser and some mousse to keep your curls in place for the rest of the day.

Layers With Curly Ends

Layers With Curly Ends

This style is best suited for people with a little wavy hair. Straighten the upper part of your hair using some serum and a flat iron. Now take the last 2 inches of your hair from below and out curl them. This look frames your face perfectly. You could also add a side-swept bang to it.

Razored Bob

Bob isn’t always meant for people with very short hair. You can try achieving this look by making your layers’ end razored. This look is very stylish and renders quite a chic look.

razored bob

It gives your face a very soft look. Always opt for off-centred parting when donning this style. You can also add an angle to this style. Get your hair shorter at the back and retain your length in the front with an angle. Frames face beautifully.

Heavy Bangs And Layers

If you have voluminous hair, you would be the perfect one for this next style for medium layered hair. Add a heavy side-swept bang. So much so that it almost covers your one eye.

heavy bangs

Now blow dry the rest of the hair, giving it a nice bouncy and flary look. Some people also call this a gothic look. It looks gorgeous when teamed up with smokey eyes and nude lips.

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Messy Layers With Graduating Bangs

 Messy Hairstyle

Wash your hair and then use some leave in conditioner. Now use some mousse and curl up your hair using your hands. Don’t comb at all. Now get a graduated bang so that it frames your face sideways. Don’t part it clearly, a sideway messy parting would do the trick for you.

Choppy Layers With Choppy Bangs

Layered choppy style

If you have three clear layers, this one if for you then. Blow dry your layers inwards creating a more roundish look of your crown. Add some choppy and edgy bangs and you are ready for your outing. The clear length adds more drama and the inward blow dried hair gives a sweet look. It is perfect for people with sleek hair as it adds volume.