Best Anti-wrinkle Treatment for Women

When your skin is properly hydrated, it will not develop wrinkles. You should also take care, as much as you can, not to expose your skin directly to sun rays. In fact, this is the magic behind all anti-wrinkle treatment processes.

Though many creams and gels claim that they can remove or prevent wrinkles, let us emphasize that not all the components in these products are good for the skin, and in fact some of them cause irritation and damage your skin. You should therefore know which of these components help in preventing onset of wrinkles on your skin surface.

The following are some of the popular components that go into treatments for anti-wrinkling. Do they work? Let us find out:

Mineral Oil

Since mineral oil is inexpensive, it is a main ingredient in skin treatment. But in truth, when applied, mineral oil suffocates skin by clogging its pores, apart from obstructing elimination of toxic materials from the skin, leading to acne. It can cause irritations on the skin surface, and if used over a period of time, you can notice dry and chipped skin, leading to untimely aging. In this case, which are the result-oriented safe products?


Collagen is a natural choice of many as a skincare treatment. While it is not an anti-wrinkling treatment, the molecules cannot enter under the skin-surface due to their large size. Instead, you should opt for an application which stimulates the body to produce its own collagen.

Natural vitamin E

Alpha-tocopherol or Natural Vitamin E is a dominant antioxidant, which can reverse the aging effects on the skin. Many research studies have proved this quality of this product. By stopping formation of lines or wrinkles, it helps prevention of sagging skin and is accepted as a good nourishing agent for the skin.

Your choice therefore should be to go in for products which boost production of collagen within the body and which contain natural Vitamin E, for anti-wrinkling action. Apart from these local applications, you should also ensure that your skin is kept properly hydrated and is not exposed to sun directly for a longer period of time.