Best Brands Of Make Up

Best Brand Of Make Up

Women have for always been not only fashion conscious but also keen on having a flawless appearance. Today, there is a growing need and desire to have an attractive personality with good and stylish clothes as well as accentuate the beauty with all kinds of skin care methods, beauty treatments and surgical methods.

Though, men are equally keen on this aspect, there are some methods and procedures that can be followed only by the fairer sex. One of the most significant, simple, safe and affordable ways in which women can achieve beauty and a diva look is through the makeup technique. This helps them not only to hide the defects of the skin like discoloration, blemishes, fine lines, wrinkles, acne and pimples but also brings a glow factor and help catch the eye of the people around. All you need to do is know about the basics, tips, dos and don’ts and application methods of makeup to get successful results.

There is a lot to know and a lot to skill when it comes to the vast topic of makeup. Along with knowing all about the application of the same, you also need to know the required cosmetic items for the purpose. Also, it is not very cheap on the pocket when it comes to buying makeup products. It is more of an investment.

Since, it is about your precious skin, you should never compromise on the quality even if it calls for a hefty budget while buying the items. It is always recommended that you only pick the top notch brands in the market and get going. This will ensure that the skin does not suffer any form of damage especially permanent ones. However, there are innumerable choices and this makes it really difficult to make the right decision.

This product itinerary below is for all those women or professional artists who are looking for the most ideal brands of makeup and cosmetics. This will help you make better choices and also save yourself from any kind of wastage. Check them out and choose the one that suits your priorities-

Guide to Top Notch Makeup Brands

Maybelline New York

This is one brand that has all the features and a quality that makes it the ultimate one to deserve a place in the best brands of makeup list. There are millions and millions of women who considers this brand of makeup not only because of the perfect products they manufacture but also because of their affordability.

Best Brand Of Make Up

Mascaras and foundations are two of the most unsurpassed products that they are known for. Apart from this you can also expect them to deliver some good shades of blushes, shadows and concealer for you. Though it is not suggested that you opt for their lip liners and makeup removers, it is one brand that women love because of their effect on the skin as well as the availability factor which is easily accessible all around the globe.


Another major brand which is world famous is MAC. Also, this is one of the options that most of the women would love to consider. It is definitely something that you can easily get addicted to. Though, the products are a little expensive on the pocket, but then are worth every penny you spend on it.

Their foundations and concealer have an excellent effect. Also, for those who have a love for lipsticks, MAC is the ultimate brand to opt for. Though, it is always suggested that you test them to look for any skin irritants before you buy any of their cosmetic pieces.

L’Oreal Paris

This is another brand which might not be a very luxurious one, but definitely a good choice to make when it comes to everyday makeup application. They have all kinds of cosmetics that you will ever require. Along with this another benefit in your pocket is the reasonable price tag with which it comes.

Best Brands Of Make Up

A lot of women love the effect of L’Oreal mascara. Though, their foundations are not recommended for day wear because of the lack of sunscreen and SPF content, it is still one that has all the check points needed by one of the perfect makeup brands.


Though, this is one of the makeup brands that offer only expensive and top notch and luxurious products, people consider buying them because of the natural ingredients they are made of. It is also the perfect brand for those who have a sensitive skin. They even have good sunscreen qualities as an added advantage. From foundations to concealer and blushes to mascaras, you can pick anything from Clinique and it will work perfectly on your skin giving you more than the expected results.


Effectiveness, reasonability and safety are some of the key words that can be associated with all kinds of cosmetics offered by Neutrogena.

Best Brands Of Make Up

All those women who want these features in their cosmetics should opt for Neutrogena without a second thought. The fragrance free items make for an advantage for the skin. Apart from concealer, shadows and lip balms, you can opt for any other product.

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Bobbi Brown

The ingredients in this line of cosmetics not only help to accentuate beauty but also make the skin healthy with each usage. The blushes, foundations and eye shadows are the best among all. The only drawback that comes with this brand is the unattractive packing.

Urban Decay

The top most cosmetics of Urban Decay are their cheek tints and eye shadows. Along with this you can easily opt for their mattifiers and bronzing powders.

Best Brands Of Make Up

Though, this is a brand always known for its quality and safe ingredients, it does not have a good effect if you consider the mascaras and lip glosses.


Last but not the least, CoverGirl is a major brand of makeup that they can easily have in their collection of cosmetics. The items are inexpensive in nature and also known for their availability. You can buy any of their items and it will prove just fine on the skin from foundations to eye liners and mascaras to lip colors.