Best Concealer Eye Makeup – How To Apply Concealer

Eye Makeup

A person can have any skin tone and still use a concealer because you have concealers in all shades to match all skin tones. Concealers are of various types and textures. Mainly the textures vary depending on the quality of the concealer, the best ones being texture-free.

Eye Makeup

Good quality concealers are virtually invisible and also vitamin-enriched. It helps to brighten the dark areas, particularly the dark circles under your eyes. The main function of a concealer is to conceal. Therefore, it conceals the spots and blemishes and evens out your skin tone by brightening it.

It will make your skin look flawless.

Some Tips To Apply Concealers

Here are some tips that will help through the process of applying a concealer.

Choose A Good Quality Concealer

The quality of your concealer will decide your overall appearance. Good quality concealers will ensure the presence of no texture and will give you a flawless appearance.

Good Quality Concealer

Select The Right Shade

You should make sure that you get the shade right. Ideally, a shade that either matches your skin tone or one shade lighter than your skin tone, will suit you well for concealing those little imperfections. However, for concealing acne spots, blemishes, freckles or birthmarks, you might require something more opaque.

Your concealer should also be a shade lighter than your foundation, besides your skin tone. You can try it to see if it suits well. Applying too dark or too light a shade will make you look artificial and made-up.

If you use too light a shade, you might end up highlighting the area beneath your eyes, instead of concealing it. Therefore, try it on first before buying it.

You can first try a little on the underside of your wrist on the vein. If the concealer is able to hide the blue of the vein, it is the right one for you.

Select The Right Shade

Proper Application Is Essential

After you have selected the right shade of concealer, it is time for the application. You should use a concealer brush with a small, fine tip. This will ensure accurate application. You should blend the concealer so that it evens out your skin tone.

Concealers are also available in the form of sticks for direct application. You can use them for concealing spots and blemishes. Pencil concealers work great for small spots.

Darker complexions should use the concealers available in pots and sticks because you might need a more opaque application.

Proper Application Is Essential