5 Best Concealers


Your concealer must have the ability to work wonders secretly so that even your friends wouldn’t notice it. Is it possible? Yes, provided you buy the best one. Just remember that if you want the best result, never scrimp on this beauty product, after all it hides even the most hideous skin problem like scars, dark under-eye, skin spots and pimples.


Guide to the best 5 effective concealers

Dark Under-Eye Circles Basic Solution And Best Cover-up

While you hide these, search for a treatment to minimize it. Your best bet for basic solution to cover wrinkles and ugly dark under-eye circles is Bobbi Brown  Concealer. For better coverage, Sue Devitt Automatic Camouflage is recommended for its yellow and peach-tone.

Sue Devitt Automatic Camouflage

Best For Skin Redness

You may have sensitive skin. So it is best to consult dermatologist first what causes the redness and ask if it is safe to use concealer. If you’re cleared, get Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage.

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage

Brightener, Highlighter And Illuminator

Majority of dull and lifeless skin is caused by environment and climatic conditions. Apply brightener by dotting under your brow and eyes, or parts of your face where shadows existed. Your best bet? Yves Saint Laurent’s Touche Eclat.

A concealer that can highlight eyes and give you a more awake look, apart from concealing dark circles and spots is Laura Mercier’s Secret Brightener.

In addition, make your skin clearer by using Guerlain Perfect Light Illuminator.

Yves Saint Laurent s Touche Eclat

Best For Pimples

Covering pimples may require heavier concealer. Place only on the pimple inflicted area. Leave the rest for lighter and creamier concealer. Best product for this purpose is Dermablend Smooth Concealer.

Dermablend Smooth Concealer

Best For Body Covering

Yes, wearing sexy shorts, mini-skirts or other revealing clothing that you want is possible without being conscious of skin problems, such as sores, cuts, pimples or veins and tattoos, if you want to hide it. Make sure you have the best tone. Best bet? Try Dermablend Cover Crème.

Dermablend Cover Creme

All these may cost you but remember that it will all be worth it. To help you out, buy L’Oreal Paris True Match, if you are a little tight on the budget. This is light and creamy, which makes blending amazing.