12 Best Coppola Keratin Complex For Hair

12 Best Coppola Keratin Complex For Hair

Coppola Keratin Complex is a treatment specially designed to take care of dry and frizzy hair. This latest in hair smoothening technology has been providing ultimate solution and products to maintain a gorgeous hair with lower cost and maintenance.Coppola Keratin Smoothening Complex system aims to turn every type of hair manageable and lustrous.

Its naturally infused formula penetrates into each strand of hair to make it frizz free and smooth and giving a shinier and straighter mane. It involves a treatment where the hair is washed and blow-dried and an infuser is applied and left to set for around half an hour after which it is again blow dried and hot-ironed.

After keeping the hair as it is for 72 hours, without exposing it in water or humidity, or even tying up, the hair is once again washed and groomed with suitable products. There are several products that are used in the process of the treatment and also for enhancing and maintaining its effect.

Effective Coppola Keratin Products For Hair

Cleansing Products

Clarifying Shampoo

This removes all the impurities of the hair and makes the hair ready to receive the treatment.

clarifying shampo

Care Shampoo

This shampoo is used to take care of the hair after the treatment. It cleanses the hair effectively without rinsing off the useful nutrients and maintains the natural shine of the hair.

care shampo

Colour Care Shampoo

It is a must for colour treated hair and helps to keep the colour intact for a long time. Devoid of salt and enriched with soy proteins it strengthens the hair.

color care

Dry Shampoo Lift Powder

It is a very useful product for a quick pick up or for days when you don’t feel like washing hair. Available for a variety of hair types, it cleans and smoothens hair in no time to give a voluminous and lustrous effect.

Nourishing Products

Care Conditioner

This product is complementing product with the Care shampoo as it nourishes it, and make it ultra-shiny and smooth. It protects hair from damaging straightening irons, regular blow outs and styling products.

care conditioner

Colour Care Conditioner

Another product with adjunct to the Colour Care Shampoo, this conditioner moisturizes the hair and protects the colour.It makes the colour more vibrant and the hair more gorgeous.

color care conditionar

Vanila Bean Deep Conditioner

This conditioner infused with the goodness of vanilla beans, gives hair ultimate nourishment and shine.

vanila bean

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Protecting Products

Infusion Keratin Replenisher

This unique treatment product automatically opens the cuticles and infuses the Keratin. This is used to strengthen the locks.


Shine Serum

This harmony of precious oils and keratin protein works wonder to maintain a healthy shiny hair.

shine serum


This product protects the hair while using hot irons. It enables the iron to glide smoothly and prevents it from too much heating.

thermo shine

Intense Rx Ionic Keratin Protein Restructuring Serum

This is a versatile product that treats and protects hair from the damages caused by excessive, heating, styling, perming and colouring.

intense rx

Straight Day Spray

It makes the hair unimaginably soft and beautiful. It tames unmanageable hair very easily and keeps it smooth and glorious.

day spray

Styling Products

Style Therapy Range

The various styling products ensure that the hair is kept smooth and beautiful, no matter whatever style is being tried. These products do not cause any side effect and are extremely safe to use.Styling products like Boosting Foam or Glowtion Potion Oil make the hair stylist, gorgeous and beautiful.