Best Diet For Hair Fall Treatment

hair fallHair fall can be really upsetting for any one. As we age, our body too gets older and so do our hair. With every changing season we experience hair fall. Hair fall can either be permanent or temporary. There are different reasons behind hair fall.

Hair fall can be due to a severe illness, weaker immunity or nutritional deficiencies. There are different kinds of treatment available to arrest hair fall. However, a proper diet supported with a good lifestyle can help immensely in arresting one’s hair fall. This article gives you the 7 best diet tips for the treatment of hair fall.

Diet For Hair Fall Treatment

Watch Your Protein Intake

Protein sure is good for your hair. It helps regenerate hair growth and gives it the required strength. You must consume protein in required quantity. However, take care of not over doing it. Too much protein can make your hair follicle acidic and hence result in hair fall. Make sure your protein intake is adequate as per the needs of your body.


juicy fruits

Fruits strengthen the hair shaft and root and promote hair growth by preventing hair fall. They help in the good health of hair. Fruits like apple, banana, guava, grapes and oranges are some of the fruits that can treat your hair fall immensely. Make sure you consume at least two potions of fruits every day.


dry fruits

Nuts have fatty acids which are essentially crucial for your hair growth. Flaxseeds, walnuts, olives, almonds and sesame seeds are some of the nuts that help in treating hair fall. Make sure you include these in your daily diet and consume these in moderate quantity.

Vegetable Juices

vegetable juices

Fresh vegetables juices are great for fighting hair fall. They help in creating blood easily and hence promote hair growth. One may try beet root, carrot, spinach, mint, ginger or celery and drink fresh vegetable juices everyday. These can also be consumed as a cocktail for best health benefits. It is best advised to consume at least half a glass of vegetable juices regularly.

Iron-Rich Food

Lack of iron in the body can also be another reason behind severe hair fall. It is one of the most common causes behind hair fall and the easiest one to treat too.


Spinach is a great source of iron. So increase your spinach intake, it makes your hair follicle healthy and regulates oil circulation in scalp. Hence helping treat hair fall.

Vitamin C

vitamin C

When you consume iron for hair, make sure you include vitamin C in your diet too. Vitamin c is essential for absorbing the iron in the body. So include lots vitamin c-rich fruits and foods like baked potatoes, salads, citrus fruits, tomatoes and leafy green vegetables to fight your hair fall at the earliest.



Eggs contain vitamin D. This vitamin is very good for your hair growth. Include at least one egg in your diet every day. And when we say egg, we mean the whole egg not just the egg whites or yolk. Proper hair loss diet can reverse the ill effects of hair loss.