Best Diet For Skin Care

Best Diet For Skin Care

Best Diet For Skin Care Diet plays a very important role in our beauty and overall personality and skin care is no exception. If you have been aiming for a beautiful skin without paying attention to your diet then you must have noticed that your efforts are not bearing any results. On the contrary if you have solely paid attention to your diet for skin care, the results must have stunned you.

Here, we tell you precisely and clearly why certain food groups are better for skin rather than the vague answer your dietitian has told you about eating green vegetables and fruits.

Diet for a Radiant Skin

Vitamin C

Vitamin C helps the skin produce collagen, the tissue responsible for production and maintenance of elasticity in the body. Vitamin C rich foods include all citrus fruits, broccoli, leafy vegetables, strawberries, red pepper, etc. Aim to have one cup of fruit and a cup of red peppers or broccoli a day.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a very useful antioxidant for skin as it makes a protective shield against harmful sun rays. Besides, vitamin E makes the membranes of skin stronger, which in return, hold water in the skin cell for longer periods of time, keeping the skin hydrated.

Best Diet For Skin Care


Vitamin E rich foods include all kind of seeds and nuts particularly almonds and sunflower seeds. Eat a handful of almonds daioly and include various kind of seeds in small quantity in your diet like a teaspoon of sunflower seeds and so on.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A regulates in production and turnover of cells in the body and hence helps in making skin smooth. Vitamin A rich foods include carrots, spinach, sweet potatoes, etc. You can include three servings of vitamin A rich foods in your diet.

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Omega 3 fatty acids

Omega 3 fatty acids help in fighting against various inflammations in body and give a youthful radiance to skin. They also delay the signs of ageing.

Best Diet For Skin Care

Omega 3 fatty acids are found in flax seeds, salmon, nuts, fortified eggs, etc. You can eat fish five times a week and can have a handful of walnuts daily.


Plain water is one of the cheapest, easily available and yet most effective potion for beautiful skin. Our body is made up of 7-% of water so naturally when there is lack of water in cells it shows up in dry, wrinkled and dull skin. To avoid these problems, drink water as much as you can. Aim to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.

Zinc, Iron and Other Minerals

Zinc, iron and other minerals help in cell production and cell sloughing which keeps the complexion radiant and youthful. Iron is essential for carrying oxygen to all parts of body. These minerals are found in abundance in foods like oysters, lean meat, poultry products, etc. Aim for 3 oysters or one serving of poultry products along with 6 servings of cereals a day.

All these food groups are major food groups responsible for a radiant skin. If you will add these foods in your diet on a regular basis, you will soon find that your skin has become dewy and has begun to glow without any make-up.