Best Diet To Prevent UTI

UTIUTI, also known as urinary tract infection, is an infection of bacteria in our bladder, kidneys or urethra. It can be really bothersome and troublesome to bear with the health problems that UTI brings along. Some women suffer from UTI quite often, while some don’t suffer ever.

UTI can be very discomforting, especially if it keeps reoccurring. You must take good care of yourself to cure it completely. Most people take antibiotics course to cure UTI. But a few simple diet alterations can help a great deal in preventing UTI. Here are the 6 best diet tips for preventing UTI effectively. 

Diet Remedies For Urinary Tract Infection

Drink More Water, Juices And Fluids 

It is important for you to drink more and more water. Include fresh fruits and vegetable juices in your diet regularly. Try to increase your daily fluid intake. Drink more cups of herbal tea in a day. These will help cure and prevent UTI. Your urine gets diluted with these drinks.

Fresh Juices

This in turn improves the excretion of bacteria through urine. Cranberry and blueberry juices are found to be really good in treating and preventing UTI. They don’t let the bacteria bind to the tissues of your bladder. 

Include Cheese And Yoghurt 

Try and include more and more cheese and yoghurt and similar fermented milk products in your daily diet. These are found really helpful in preventing UTI.


Eat cheese and yoghurt every day to prevent yourself from contracting UTI. Studies show that women who consume more of cheese and yoghurt are less likely to contract UTI than those who don’t.



Garlic may not directly have any connection with UTI, but it has naturally antibacterial characteristics. It is antimicrobial as well. Consuming raw garlic can have a lot of benefits including prevention of UTI. You may also include garlic in your food preparations. This is one of the oldest dietary tips for preventing UTI

Avoid Alcohol And Beverages 

Say absolute no to beverages like tea and coffee. Avoid alcohol, sweetened or citrus juices and sodas as well. These tend to increase the UTI. The preservatives in packaged foods and drinks are possible reasons behind UTI.

avoid alcohol

These lessen the body’s ability to fight bacterial infections and hence worsen matters. Stay away from all of these as much as you can. It is believed these irritate your bladder and hence aggravate the infection. 

Avoid Red And Lean Meat 

Red Meat

It is advised to avoid red meat and lean meat in your diet to the extent possible. These are believed to be bad for UTI and do not help in preventing it. So try and steer clear of red meat and lean meat as much as possible. 

More Fiber 

Including more fiber-rich foods in your daily diet can help you get relief from UTI. It is great in preventing UTI. Make sure you include beans, oats, vegetables, root vegetables apart from other fiber-rich foods in your diet regularly. Also try to avoid allergens that might be responsible for aggravating UTI.


These foods include milk, corn and other additives. Foods that are rich in antioxidants also help a great deal in preventing UTI. You must make these dietary tips a part of your daily routine religiously to prevent yourself from UTI.