5 Best Diet Treatments For Gallstones

5 Best Diet Treatments For Gallstones

We take care of our body,skin and hair.We look after everything, but hardly do we think about the wellbeing and health of our gallbladder.It plays an important part in our body but still we tend to forego it. Having said that, gall bladder is not necessary to keep us alive like other more important organs.

Gallstones develop in the gall bladder.These stones might not cause problem to everyone. But few people suffer a lot. There are various treatments available for gallstones.Diet treatments are getting popular these days.Here are 5 useful diet treatments for gallstones.

Best Diet Treatments For Gallstones

Go Organic

Try to eat organic foods only.These help in preventing further stone formation and keep up the well being of your gall bladder. These help detoxify your body from within. So stop gorging on packaged foods and go organic.


The commercial vegetables and fruits available in the market today are full of harmful herbicides and pesticides. These cause immense pressure on your liver as they are harmful for the liver. So ditch those commercial fruits and vegetables and opt for organic food.


You must swear by water if you have gallstones.Water is one of the easiest and the most effective diet treatments too. It helps in breaking down the stones. It sure does take time but then it really works.

drink properly

So drink adequate amount of water everyday. You can also drink lots of fluids and juices to treat your gallstones. Make sure you include raw beetroot juice,apple juice and pear juice to your list of juices.Raw beetroot juice is extremely good for liver as it helps in cleansing it.


Fiber is also a great way of treating gallstones.It helps keep the digestive system fine by making it work properly. One must also make sure to keep the cholesterol levels low and avoid fat foods. These are very unsafe for gallstones.


Whole wheat, oats, bran cereal are some of foods that are rich in fibre.Make sure you include these in your daily diet as much as possible. Fiber is good for weight loss too. It gives you a sense of fullness.



Turmeric is a rich antioxidant.It also is a natural inflammatory as well. It is believed to be useful in treating gallstones as well. It helps dissolve the gallstone easily.


You must include turmeric in your daily diet. You can also consume around half spoon turmeric everyday.It has been found that consuming raw turmeric can dissolve as much as 80% of gallstones. This is also one of the most cost-effective diet treatments of gallstones.


Eat lots and lots of fruits everyday.Fruits help cleanse your body well. Fruits like apple, berries, melons, currants, prunes, guavas, are some of the fruits that are found useful in treating gallstones.

apple & banana

You must also stay away from fried foods and junk food.These are not good for your overall well being and they also tend to create more burden on your liver. So stay away from these foods completely.