Best Fat Burning Exercises For Women

Best Fat Burning Exercises For Women

Best Fat Burning Exercises For WomenBeing obese is a bane, everyone dissents. To grow thin, we employ many tools and techniques like going on a non-carbohydrate diet, eating only fruits and taking every other medicine promising to shed that extra kilo. However, we do not realize that exercising is one of the best methods to lose weight.

It not only helps in losing weight slowly and gradually, but also tones the body, and prevents stretch marks. Let’s check out some of the fat burning exercises for women:

Effective Fat Burning Exercises for Women

Go the Surya Namaskar Way!

It is a yogic exercise. The exercise involves a cycle of 12 poses, which twists and turns every part of the body, thus making weight loss a holistic process. Starting from Tada asana to Urdhva Mukha Shvana Asana, it stretches your stomach, arms, and legs; thus forcing more oxygen through your respiratory system.

The exercise is supposed to be done in a fast manner. Doing at least 3 cycles in the morning every day will prove effective in burning the accumulated calories i.e. fat.


Cardio exercises focus on pumping more blood to every part of your body but are not very intense. Due to their low intensity, they burn calories and cellulite, slowly; thus resulting in gradual and even weight loss. For example, Aerobic exercises are a fun way of losing weight.

Best Fat Burning Exercises For Women

Stretching arms, legs and mere jumping; all are part of Aerobic exercises. These exercises boost the metabolism and thus food, you eat in the later part of the day, is digested fully, leaving no unused calories, which could accumulate in the inner lining of the stomach.

Lift it out!

Lifting light weights is easy and highly effective for weight loss in a short span of time. You can use your arms to lift weights or even keep them on your foot. They target the fat in a particular section of your body. For example, if you want to burn the fat in you bum, sit on a stool, with your back against the wall and put weights on your feet.

Now lift the weights, pulling all your strength together. If you repeat this exercise, even just 3 times, fat burning will be triggered in your body. These exercises help in losing weight, increasing stamina and building muscles.

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Swim it Off!

Swimming is a very refreshing and rejuvenating, plus highly intense exercise. Most of the people claim, that they feel sleepy after a round of swimming. Splashing your arms and legs against the force of water requires energy and endurance and your body extracts that from the accumulated fat in the body.

Best Fat Burning Exercises For Women

Moreover, till the time you are in water, you do not experience tiredness or fatigue, due to which you can swim for longer. Consequently, you lose weight faster. However, you have to be precautionary. Never binge on your favorite delicacy, right after a swimming session; instead of losing weight, you could gain oodles.

Shun the Motor!

Stop opting for the motor vehicle, every time you need to go out. If you are going to purchase groceries, just a kilometer far, walk or take a bicycle. You save the environment, shed your weight and enjoy the nature, all at the same time! You can cycle in the morning and take a walk after dinner. Walking refreshes your mood and reduces stress.

Intense walking is an excellent fat burner. It tones the legs, the muscles in the pelvic region and aids digestion. However, you should not undertake intense walking, right after dinner. It can cause a stomach ache. But whenever you are walking, say back home from grocery store or your friend’s place, try walking faster.

To burn fat, it is not necessary that we join a gym. If we inculcate simple habits like taking the stairs, walking and doing the intense household chores like cleaning, burning fat shouldn’t be a big problem. However, if you are highly overweight, following a rigid routine, including all the exercises, explained above, can benefit you, without the possibility of side effects