Best forearm and chest exercises

chest-exercisesThere have been several questions on how to gain muscle mass, get cut and usually how to improve the results at gym. So here are some points to the above queries.

Best forearm exercises: there are several different forearm exercises. The best exercise, however, for the forearm extensors is the seated reverse barbell wrist curl: in this exercise one has to be seated on a chair or stool with the forearms resting on the thighs and the hands extended beyond the knees, with the palms facing down. Raise and lower the bar using the forearms. A partial range is suggested as one can haul up more weight.

The top exercise for the forearm flexors is the behind the back barbell wrist curl. In this exercise, hold the bar behind the back with the palms in the outward position, while standing. Curl the bar up and down using the forearm muscles. Raise the weight as much as you can for good results. Here, again a partial range is advised.

Exercise for chest:-The major important function of the chest is to pull the arms from the side horizontally to the front of the chest.

There are many exercise machines out there which imitate this action, but in one way or the other they have proven to be very dangerous.

The recommended exercise for the chest muscle is done using a power pack or Smith Machine to set the bar within the range of three inches of the body’s full reach. Focus should be on the chest muscle to move the bar instead of using the triceps, to get the most out of this exercise. This exercise will feel just like the shrugging motion, but using the chest muscles instead of the triceps.

Gaining lean muscle mass while losing body fat at the same time is possible but is a tricky issue. The body has a limited capacity for recovery from exercise; therefore the new muscles won’t grow until and unless that recovery is complete. A great workout performed to activate the growth of a new muscle can be prevented by doing much more exercise that the body never recovers from it completely.

Muscle growth while losing body fat at the same time can be achieved by doing very brief but very high intensity weight lifting workouts, followed by very low intensity, calories burning exercises like jogging, an hour walking etc.