Best Global Cosmetic Brands

Global Cosmetic BrandsOn an average we use at least 5 different cosmetic products every day. Considering the global population, we can well imagine how huge the cosmetic industry is.

There are numerous players in this gigantic market of beauty. These cosmetic giants are always competing with each other to grab the top position in the market. Here are some of the biggest names in the beauty business:

Best Global Cosmetic Brands


This American Cosmetic brand enjoys the topmost position in the Cosmetic industry. It has some classic products that cater to various needs of consumers throughout the world.  Priced moderately, the products give superior solution to every skin concern. Their Total Effects range is very popular amongst women in their 30s.


This is another American brand that holds the 2nd best position. This direct marketing company makes skin care and make up products in different price ranges. The products are of very high quality and are liked by everyone.


Their lipsticks are quite famous because of their high pigment.


This French brand is a huge company and has been enjoying being one of the topmost brands from quite some time now. With the best in makeup and skin care cosmetics, this company manufactures one of the best ranges in hair care. Their Professional Hair range is widely used by salons and hair professionals round the globe.


Widely recommended by skin care experts, this brand’s products are ideal for people looking out for the best skincare solutions in moderate price. Their range of cleansers is widely used and praised by users.


This German brand is the manufacturer of some classic skin care products. Suitable for every age group, the products are gentle, soft and can be used by children also.


Their Nivea Crème is a legendary product which has been there from a long time.


This French luxury cosmetic house comes with higher- end make up and skin care products. Endorsed and loved by celebrities and supermodels, they have some iconic products like the Hypnose Doll Eyes mascara.

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This English brand is considered amongst the top manufacturers in the soap market. Their unique formula of soaps with 1/4th moisturizer make them stand out from the rest of the lot. Their hair care products are also very good in quality.

Estee Lauder

This is an American brand that caters in the luxury market with some premium skin care and make up ranges. Their Idealist serum is one of the best complexion enhancers in the world.


This Japanese cosmetic company produces gentle solutions for excellent skin care. The products are clinically tested and formulated to suit the sensitive most skin types.


Their cleansers are very effective in removing any traces of makeup and impurities.


This is another Japanese brand that caters to the luxury consumer market with fine quality skin care cosmetics. Their products are luxuriously packaged and marketed. Their Bio-performance range is one of the best in anti-aging skin care.

These are the best cosmetic brands that are widely sold and appreciated throughout the world for their fine quality.