6 Best Hair Color For Summer

6 Best Hair Color For Summer

Summer is the season of colours and it is high time to choose the colour that suits you perfect and is in fashion as well. Here there is a list of few of the hottest hair colours of this season that would help you to take the most fashionable decision about your hair this season.

However, while choosing a hair colour few points should be considered like the occasion, personality of the individual, kind of attire that is selected and of course the skin tone. Read below to know more about the best and most popular hair colours for summer:

Different Hair Color For Summer

Red Hair Colour

Year 2013 has been named the year of the red head’ as this colour has been the colour of many celebrities. Red expresses your personality like no other colours and due to its various shades, there is a lot to choose from.

red hair

As red colour is quick to fade out in the sun, you can opt for strawberry red or copper red.Strawberry red is a warm tone and can be spiced up using few blonde pieces.A combination of fiery reds and copper reds is also recommended.

Ombre Hair Colour

This shade of colour is perfect for brunetted and has been in fashion for quite a long time. This colour basically features darker and natural hues at the hair roots with the colour lightening at the end. This colour doesn’t require a touch up every 10-12 weeks and is best for busy women.


Choosing a colour that would compliment your skin undertone and clothes is what is required. For dark people copper or deep reds can be chosen while a less dark person can choose copper or rich brown and finally the fair people might choose subdued blondes or the ash tones.

Blonde Hair Colour

This colour is the perfect combo of blonde and brunette.For people who wants to go for lighter locks this summer, this is the colour. This hair colour is done by painting the hair at the right positions along the top of the hair with two different types of creams used for colour lifting.


Go for a good hair stylist to make things perfect and to have the colour you desire. The appearance is so natural that very few people would actually understand that you have dyed your hair. This colour makes your hair look lustrous as well.

Bright Hues

This includes streaks, dip-dyed looks and highlights.For people with dark hair, a warmer hue that compliments their skin undertone and eye colour is advisable. Bright hues have been in fashion since 2011. Highlights are for people who want a unique but temporary change.

bright hair

Pastel highlights are recommended as hair colour fades faster in summer and an overall pastel shade will turn into a disastrous green. Copper tones and warm caramel can be used both as an overall colour as well as for highlighting purposes.

Platinum Blonde Hair

This shade still remains to be popular. Platinum blonde hair colour is the lightest among the blonde hair shades with a hint of silver. It is very stylish and looks great but needs proper care.


Going to an experienced hair stylist is highly recommended as the harsh chemicals in the colour can damage your hair and should be applied on healthy hair. Using a proper shampoo and conditioner is necessary.

Balayage Hair Colour

Balayage is colouring hair with the use of a paddle. This suits not only the blondes but is also great for covering greys as the person does not need to colour the entire hair.


Rather than attaching a square foil, pieces of hair is taken from the head. The lightener is applied gently from the roots to the end or just the roots if it is just a touch up. For people with short hair,balayage gives a natural look.The colour if applied properly goes very close to the roots and gives a very realistic look.