4 Best Hair Straightener Methods

Straight hair

Natural manes are sometimes difficult to manage so there are several clever ways to make them straight, silky and glossy.

Chemical relaxers, Japanese or Brazilian hair straightening, hot combs, flat irons, hair gels – you could choose any of these methods to straighten your hair

Straight hair

And the effects could be either temporary or permanent, depending on what method you choose.

Japanese Straightening

It is permanent way to straighten your hair even though your new growth will still have your natural hair texture. Japanese straightening involves treating your hair with certain chemicals and then ironing it in parts. After the ironing, it is cleaned.

The duration of this process depends on how thick and long your hair is. This method of straightening is sometimes referred to as thermal reconditioning.

Japanese Straightening


This is another permanent way to straighten your hair. Like Japanese straightening, your hair will grow out natural again. This process involves applying powerful chemicals on curly hair. After using the chemicals, acid neutralizing shampoo loaded with proteins is used to completely remove any traces of chemicals on the hair.

Once done with shampooing, conditioners are applied to the hair. This method may be harmful to your hair if it is not done by a professional or if your hair is not well kept after the procedure.


Brazilian Hair Straightening

The process of Brazilian straightening involves applying a Keratin-rich solution to your hair and using a flat iron to lock in the solution, leaving the hair smooth and silky. It may be the best method for hair straightening so far because Keratin encourages healthy hair.

It is however temporary and will last for only about 8 to 16 weeks. Shampooing after Keratin treatment should be done with sulfate and chloride free shampoos and conditioners.

Some may feel reticent to go for Brazilian straightening because some Keratin treatments have formaldehyde, a gas that irritates the lungs and eyes, if inhaled. However, many more companies produce Keratin treatment without formaldehyde, therefore eliminating the risk all together.

Brazilian hair straightening

Irons And Hot Combs

Irons and hot combs are the most temporary methods for straightening hair. Mostly, the straightening effects of the iron or comb will last only until the next washing of your hair. Also, using hot irons will have to be accompanied with hair conditioners to balance the effects of iron drying you hair.