4 Best Hair Style Ideas For Girls

Hair Style Ideas For Girls

Girls in their teens are prone to experiment and try out new styles. Whether it is grooming, cosmetics, dresses or makeup, not to talk about hairstyling, teenage girls would like to wear the trendy and stylish ones.

To cater to the different needs of teenage girls, hairstylists are always devising new haircuts with a whole lot of new improvements to the hair. The conventional hairstyling has undergone a number of changes over a period of time, and today bobs and straight cuts are the in thing.

The Pixie Cut

Pixie-cut is an all time favorite with teenage girls. This is a short hairstyle which gives the girl a funky appearance. You can add a lot of layers to bring about an appearance which will be stunning. To ensure that you become the attention grabber, ensure that you maintain your hair properly with shampooing and conditioning. After shampooing, you should dry the hair with a towel and use a styling wax or a hair gel which is mild.

Pixie Cut


We have seen bobs since a long time. Teenagers especially seem to love them, in their short-angle form. To the ends of hair, you can use razor to cut them. Your face will look thinner when the locks fall straight, looking sleek. Use a wee bit of straightening balm after drying your hair immediately following shampooing and conditioning.

Bob Hairstyle

Layered Haircut

If the girl has lots of lengthy hair, she should opt for a layered hairstyle to appear cool. Besides looking stylish, this haircut will add lots of volume to your hair, framing your face and highlighting the important features of your face. Layers can be increased, based on the structure of your face. Ensure you have short top layers with flicks. It is better either to wholly color the hair or to highlight only strands.

Layered Haircut

Shag Haircut

This is a layered shortcut, leaving more layers on top of the head than underneath. This style can be changed to suit your facial contours. If you have natural curly hair, this style will be just for you. You can also curl your hair with rollers. After curling the hair, you can arrange the hair as you wish, using your fingers.

Shag Haircut