7 Best Home Remedies For Anxiety

7 Best Home Remedies For Anxiety

Anxiety is something which comes naturally to us. Everyone in this world gets anxious and there is nothing wrong with it. Before proceeding, you need to know what anxiety really means.Anxiet could mean ‘worrying” in simple terms but there are people who get anxiety disorders. The best example of anxiety would be you sitting in a doctor’s room and getting anxious whether he will give you an injection or not.

It is not a great feeling inside. You constantly start worrying and your mind starts getting hyper. There is a feeling of concern and big fear which goes on in your mind. When you are anxious, you may get symptoms like concentration problems, restlessness, biting nails and much more.

List of Best Home Remedies For Anxiety

Anxiety is not really a disease or an ailment as everyone gets anxious. However there are some people who face anxiety disorders which is not at all pleasant. People who have anxiety disorders usually face symptoms like sweating, heart palpitations, hyperventilation, dry mouth and other unpleasant symptoms. If the condition is not too serious, you can get relief by following some of the home remedies mentioned below. We care for you and so, we have listed some easy and best home remedies for anxiety that will help you out.


Food really helps in curing ailments such as depression as well as anxiety. You might get a little hyper and restless when you are anxious and so, you should try eating almonds. You would need to soak 8-10 almonds in water in the morning and have it before sleeping.


This will help you relax and the restlessness will go away too. You can also make a little shake out of it. All you have to do is grind the soaked almonds with nutmeg, milk and a piece of ginger.  Drink this shake and you will feel better.


An oil massage can really kill all the anxiety. How about trying a body massage with oils such as coconut oil, sesame oil and sunflower oil? You can get a massage with any of these three oils as you will feel much more relaxed and the anxiety will vanish in no time. You would need to heat the oil but make sure that it is not too hot.

healthy oil

It should be warm enough so that your body parts do not burn. Hire a massage girl for the day or ask your trusted friend to give you a nice massage with sunflower or coconut oil.This really works wonders!If you are getting the symptoms then you can massage your scalp and feet with these oils before sleeping.


One of the main causes of anxiety is deficiency of folic acid and potassium.So, if you have vegetables like onion for about two weeks, you will start feeling better. If feeling of anxiety is troubling you then you should have lots of cooked or raw onion in order to get rid of anxiety.



Orange has a beautiful and aromatic fragrance which can cure any form of ailment. If you ardepressed or anxious then just smell some orange peels. It is proven that the fragrance of oranges can reduce the symptoms of anxiety.

orange juice

Inhale the fragrance and you will see the difference yourself. However, do not waste the orange inside the peel. Eat lots of oranges to get happy feelings. You can also heat the orange peel in order to inhale the fragrance fully.

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Rosemary Tea

Rosemary is a spice which is easily available in your kitchen rack. If you have not heard about this spice then you can get it easily in grocery stores. Prepare rosemary tea and drink it twice in a day.You will get relieved from anxiety and nervousness.Rosemary has a calming effect and will surely work for you.

rosemary tea

Baking Soda

Baking soda is a miracle ingredient! It is true that it makes different foods fluffy but it also helps in reducing anxiety. Add some baking soda to your bathtub and take a warm water bath.

baking soda

You will feel relaxed and happy by the end of the bathing session. Make sure that you take a nice long bath because that will really help you.


If anxiety has become a part of your life then we suggest you to join a gym. Physical exercise is important for both physical as well as mental health. If your body is healthy, your mind will be healthy too. When you exercise, you feel good about yourself which in turn helps you to get rid of anxiety.Exercising will help you to burn the hormones that cause a lot of stress.Try it once.


The above mentioned home remedies are easy and effective. You do not have to rush to a doctor or a psychiatrist for this! Just try the home remedies and see the difference. Do things that make you happy and be around people who are happy and give positive vibes. Follow these simple things and you will get rid of anxiety soon.Take care and be happy.