Best Home Remedies For Burns


burnsOuch! Did you get a burn? There could be innumerable reasons for getting a burn. It could be hot water, steam, iron or probably you touched a really hot container.  Did you get too intimate with hot boiling oil while your mumma was frying fish? The reason could be anything but the million dollar question is – What to do when you get a burn? You do not have to rush to the nearest doctor for everything. Since burns are serious injurious, it needs immediate attention.

Burns hurt a lot but you can get relief at home as well. There are some natural home remedies that you need to follow to get relief. We have jotted down the best home remedies for burns for you. So, the next time you get a burn – don’t try too hard to find a doctor.

List Of Home Remedies For Burns

Running Cold Water

When you burn your hand or finger, you need to quickly keep it under running cold water. Cold water helps in cooling down the burnt spot and the burning sensation goes away after a while.

running water

Keep the affected area under running cold water for about 10-15 minutes to get relief. Do not use ice or ice water as it may not help and it makes the condition worse.

Aloe Vera Juice

Once you are done with the running water treatment, you should apply some aloe vera juice. These days you can find aloe vera gel as well. You can also use aloe vera for sunburns as they help in healing that as well.

If the burn is too severe such as contact with really hot water or iron, then let the affected area dry. Once it has dried up, apply aloe vera juice and you will get quick relief. Aloe Vera is beneficial because it acts as a pain killer and also helps in healing the damaged tissues of your skin.

Use Tea Bags

tea bags 

You can easily find tea bags in your kitchen. You would need to soak the tea bags in water for some time. Gently place the cool tea bags on the burnt area as it will make your burn feel better. There is an acid present in the tea which is called tannic acid. It helps in reducing pain caused by burns.

Egg Whites

If there is a miracle remedy for burns, then it has to be egg whites. You will get relief from pain as long as the egg white is on the affected area. Once it starts drying up, you will feel the pain again. You should reapply some fresh egg whites in this case. Also, it helps in preventing scars after burns. It certainly is a wonderful home remedy!

Onion Juice

Onions may make your eyes burn but it helps in easing the pain caused by dreadful burns. Imagine yourself cooking some nice meat dish in the kitchen and by mistake your thumb touches a really hot container.

onion juice

What would you do? All you need to do is apply some onion juice which will reduce the horrible pain and will bring a smile on your face in no time. We always thought that an onion has the power to make us cry but it has some positive effects too!

So, don’t shout or cry when you get a burn and try the above mentioned home remedies which actually work. They are available in your kitchen, so you do not have to look for a doctor for it. Take good care!