Best Home Remedies For Mucus

mucusMucus can be troublesome and can cause severe kind of throat congestion, especially during night time. Millions of people suffer from mucus related problems worldwide and continuously take medicines as its treatment.

However, those who have a tendency of developing mucus are recommended to try out home remedies for the problem, which is considered to be the best way to tackle the problem in the long run. No worries about any kind of side effects which is associated with medicines for the problem. So, why not give home remedies for mucus a serious consideration? Here are some things you can do at home to tackle the problem.

Best Home Remedies For Mucus 

Inhale Steam

Inhaling steam has always helped to tackle congestion. Boil water and pour it in a tub. Cover your head using a towel and bend down carefully towards the tub, so that you are able to inhale the steam slowly. This will help in loosening the mucus and will give relief instantly.

Inhaling steam

Be alert while you are doing this or you may hurt yourself. To increase the benefits further, you can add a few drops of eucalyptus oil in the water and inhale it. It will rejuvenate you and help you relieve the congestion in a short time.

Drink Hot Liquids

Have hot liquids throughout the day. Having herbal tea is a good option and is a great remedy for mucus problem as well as cold. You can have as much tea you want and as many times you desire. Add some honey in this tea for added benefits. Squeeze in a few drops of fresh lemon juice and it will taste wonderful.

chicken soup

Ginger tea is also recommended as a remedy for mucus.You can also try out light vegetable or chicken soups or any other hot drink which will help in moistening the airway. It will also help in breaking the mucus which is formed and will provide relief quickly.

Drink Turmeric Milk

Milk And Turmeric

Turmeric is known for its medicinal properties and is used in several ayurvedic medicines. Since hot liquids are recommended for loosening the mucus, you can mix turmeric with milk and have it at least twice a day. Turmeric has antiseptic properties and is helpful in fighting the infection.

Restrict Consumption of Certain Foods


Stay away from all kinds of dairy products, fried foods and meat. These are known to increase the production of mucus and will aggravate your problem further. Do not have any deep fried vegetables or food which will also increase the discomfort further.

Use Onion and Garlic For Relief

Onions and Garlic

Onion and garlic are extremely good for congestion and mucus. You can dice onions into small cubes and mix them with honey. You can have a slice of onion every time you feel mucus in your throat or when you feel the need. After a few hours or after taking a few onions, you will feel the difference as the symptoms will start going away.

Take A Hot Shower

hot shower bath

A hot shower is highly beneficial and recommended home treatment for sore throat. You need to let the warm water run on the back of your head. Just ensure that the water is comfortably warm and it doeskin hurt you or it may burn you. Alternately if hot shower is not possible, you can fill a tub with warm water and lie in this for sometime. It will help in loosening the mucus and offer relief.

Gargle Twice a Day


Gargle twice a day using warm water mixed with salt at least twice a day. It will help in loosening the mucus system, reduce the irritation and offer you relief in a short time.

Eat Hot and Spicy Foods

Spicy Foods

Those who suffer from mucus problems on a regular basis are recommended to consume warm and spicy foods. Hot chili peppers or horseradish is highly recommended which helps in loosening mucus. You can also have hot and sour soup which will give instant relief in a short time.

Stay Hydrated

drinking water

It is important to have at least 9 glasses of water in a day. It helps in thinning mucus and eventually loosening it which helps in giving relief. Moreover, drinking enough water is always advantageous as it is good for your overall health and keeps your organs function normally.

Stop Smoking

Another reason to stop smoking. If you suffer from regular congestion and mucus related problems, you need to stop smoking immediately.


Smoking disturbs the whole system and irritates your throat, causing you further discomfort. Stop smoking immediately to get relief. Hope the above home remedies for mucus help you to tackle the problem and provide you relief in a short time.