Best Itchy Skin Treatment

Best Itchy Skin Treatment

Best Itchy Skin Treatment Having a healthy skin is very important part of a person’s life no matter what gender they belong to. The most common problem with the skin is itchiness which might be due to various reasons most common being dry skin. The medical term for itching is Pruritus and the reasons for it could be infections, bites, stings, sun exposure or a chronic disease.

There are treatments for Pruritus which can be externally used or taken like an oral medicine to cure the problem. The best treatments for itchy skin are through natural elements as they don’t harm the skin and removes the irritated sensation from the skin. Some common herbal treatments for Itchy skin are as follows:

Treatment Options for Itchy Skin

Aloe Vera At Your Aid

It is a plant with lot of uses and is very famous for its medical properties and is very good for skin. The gel-like substance that comes out of the aloe vera leaves contains polysaccharides which moisturises and hydrates the skin. It can be used for treating skin irritation which causes itching and leads to scratching which might damage the skin.

Neem Is the Notion for You

It is another plant with medicinal properties that is good for the skin. The neem tree has anti-bacterial properties that are very beneficial for curing a lot of diseases including skin problems like irritated skin.

Best Itchy Skin Treatment

The oil from neem leaves is very good for curing rashes and skin problems. It is the best natural herb for curing skin issues as it doesn’t harm the skin and has only positive effects of it.

Oatmeal At Your Services

Oatmeal is not just healthy as a breakfast but also is useful for skin problems and irritations. Oatmeal can be used to cure acnes and also give relief to itching skin. The way oatmeal should be used is 1 or 2 cups of finely ground oatmeal should be added to some luke warm bath.Utilizing it this way will reduce the itching and make skin smooth.

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Lemon Would Lure You

The aromatic substances in a lemon contain anaesthetic and anti-inflammatory properties which may help reduce itching. The lemon juice should be squeezed on the affected area and allowed to dry.

Best Itchy Skin Treatment

After that watch it with lukewarm water and the relief can be felt.

Mint Is the Aid for You

It is also used for relieving itching as it has menthol which has anaesthetic and anti-inflammatory properties that significantly help the irritated skin. One ounce of dried mint leaves should be placed in 1 pint boiling water, this way a mint tea would be prepared. Cover the mint tea and it should be allowed to cool down. Then using a cotton or clean cloth it should be applied to the itchy area to provide respite from scratching feeling.

The herbal treatments for itchy skin are the best but also clinical help can be used that will aid in reducing the irritated skin. Mostly the reason for itching problem is dry skin which tends to result in being irritated, so skin should be well hydrated with moisturizers to avoid the problem. In case of a persisting problem medical help should be taken to avoid damage to the skin.