6 Best Lower Back Exercises For Women

Lower Back Exercises For WomenWhile doing household work, mainly, women all over the world get stressed out. They often get their ligaments sprained, strain-out their muscles or overwork their backside. Sometimes it’s because of the stress their body is undertaking and sometimes it’s because they don’t take proper care of their body. It is also a preventive measure to exercise one’s backside as the backside core muscles support the few most important bones in the human body structure, i.e. neck, the vertebrae, the hip bones, etc.

To make sure that these pains do not occur, one has to make sure that their body is totally in their control and is movable as easily as their mind suggests, one has to have a basic maintenance of her body. It is also seen, and yearned by so many women, that when the movie stars wear backside revealing designer clothes, their back look so polished and perfectly toned.

So reserve a possible hour for you and workout a little, so that next time that pain or another hard task comes up or you want to dazzle the party goers in a stunning bare-back outfit, you’re able to carry yourself with ease.

Things To Keep In Mind:

Some of the things which one should keep in mind while performing these exercises are as follows:

Lower back exercises are few of the toughest, of the hundreds, of exercises that can be performed. So don’t lose hope and definitely, don’t rush yourself. Always make sure that you have the proper form, posture, while doing these exercises or else these exercises can really do more than just hurt your back.

If possible, consult a gym trainer, or someone who is a professional, or has been doing these exercises for a long time now, in your locality. Don’t exert too much pressure to your back. If it’s hurting, or you are unable to do it in one go, break the sets down, or reduces the number of sets or repetitions. While doing back exercises, don’t breathe hastily.

Hurt your backBreathe deepand heavy. After each exercise, give your muscles time to relax and revive themselves. Slightly shake your hands and legs so that the blood flow continues at a normal rate. Get yourself an exercise-mattress or a soft flat towel on which the exercises can be performed without hindering the posture of the body.

Breathe deepIf you’re performing the exercises at a gym, then it’s ok, but if you’re doing them at home then a few things might be good to order. Such as, a couple of dumbbells and a couple of resistance bands.



Before jumping into the exercises do a few basic warm-up exercises. You can start by performing a cardio (for e.g. running/ jogging on the spot), then do a little stretching, jumping in a spot, no-saying-arms etc. You can also throw in another warming up exercise.

Slowly bend forwards and let your upper body be parallel to the floor, your hands still straight by your side. Now slowly bring your right hand to touch the left foot, while twisting your body to the right. Hold for one second then return to the previous form. Now repeat the same process with the other hand and feet. Repeat 5 times and do a set of 3.

Warm-up exercises
Back Extension

Lie down on the mattress, on your stomach, face forward and your palms, by your side, in line with your head. Your legs should be shoulder-width apart and only your toes touching the floor.

Take breath slowly and now raise your chest off the floor, with your hands by your side, facing outwards or down. Hold the posture for 1-2 seconds and then slowly bring down your chest. Repeat for 10-12 times and a set of 3.

Back ExtensionCrescent Shape Back

By the name you must have already imagined what the exercise may be like. Lie down again on the mattress, on your stomach, with your hands stretched freely above your head and your face faced down. Now slowly start raising up your chest and hands off the floor also raising your legs in the same manner.

If you do this correctly, and it will take time, your back by now will look like a crescent moon. Raise up your chest and legs only to the level of your comfort, don’t overdo yourself. You’ll only hurt yourself.

Crescent Shape BackWings Flapping Exercise

Stand straight on your mattress, and then slowly bend forwards to the level where your back is almost parallel with the floor. Then raise your arms by your side, in line with your upper body.

Then slowly make your arms descend freely downwards. Once they are down, lift them up slowly at the starting level. Do a repetition of 5 times and 3 sets.

Wings Flapping ExerciseTouch Your Foot

Stand up straight on the mattress, with your arms over your head straight up. Now slowly bend your upper body forwards and also bring your arms to touch your feet. Keep the posture for 2 seconds and then slowly return to the original position. Repeat for 5 times and a set of 3.

Touch Your FootAlternate Limbs Up

This exercise is very tough, not because it will strain anything on your body, but it requires damn good balance. Don’t get depressed if you’re not able to do it for first few days, it’ll eventually come to you. Lie down on all fours like a four-legged animal.

Then slowly inhale and raise your alternative limbs (for e.g. Raise your left leg and your right arm) forward until they are in same line as your back. Slowly bring back the limbs down and repeat with the other set of alternate limbs. Do a repeat of 5 times and a set of 3.

Following these exercises will keep your lower back fit and strong.  It is tough and sometimes injurious, if not done properly, but lower back exercises have their benefits. Working on the lower-back muscles will not only prevent your back from any future-injury and pain, but also it will make your back look toned and in perfect shape, which may prompt you to wear those back-baring gorgeous dresses.

Alternate Limbs Up