Best Makeup For Wheatish Skin

wheatish skin

wheatish skinSouth Asian women are generally blessed with wheatish complexion. While it’s a trend in this part of the world to use makeup that lighten the complexion and make it fairer, we should not forget that this warm complexion is gorgeous and many fair skinned people spend hours under the sun or splurge thousands behind tanning to get this kind of complexion.

Rather than hiding and covering up your skin tone, it is better to flaunt and enhance it by using the right kind of makeup. Here is a detailed description about what are the best possible ways to apply makeup on wheatish skin.

Makeup For Wheatish Skin


It is generally seen that people with wheatish skin have oily to combination texture. In this case it is advisable to use a gentle cleanser for cleaning the skin. Then hydrate it using an oil free moisturizer to prepare the base. If you want to keep it minimal avoid the foundation altogether, instead go for a tinted moisturizer or BB cream.

If you are using a foundation, it is better if you use a matte one. The foundation should be exactly the shade of your skin, neither darker nor lighter. If you don’t get the exact shade mix and match. To get rid of unevenness blend the foundation with a blending brush.

If you suffer from blemishes or spots, use a concealer to hide them. The concealer should match the colour of the foundation or else your whole makeup will be ruined. If you want your look to be dewy apply a water based foundation, or mix a little bit of serum with your usual foundation.


It is important to choose the right shade that flatters your skin tone. Use shades with hints of coral or wine to enhance the cheekbones. If you are obsessed with pinks try pinks from the berry family. It is important to blend the colour properly to give an appearance of natural flush.


If you want a very subtle hue, mix the blush with some translucent lose powder and blend it with a fluffy brush. For a more gorgeous look, try a bronzer to add the oomph. If you want to highlight your features, use a highlighter with gold undertones on forehead, browline or under your eyes and cheeks.


The eyes can be played with tones like burgundy, copper or any earthy hues. If you want to keep it simple use a light copper shade on the lids and apply a brown on the crease and then blend nicely for a brighter effect. Add mascara to your lashes.

For a more gorgeous turn, create a cat eye look with a black gel liner. This will make you look sultry and ooze appeal. To create a brighter eye look add a bit of copper or burnt gold pigment at the corner of the eyes.


If you want a nude look, use a matte lipstick of any earthy brown shade. If you have kept your eyes simple, go for a wine or dark rosy pink on the lips.


This will give you a glamorous effect. For a more natural take, use a beige lip colour. To make the lips sensuous add a sheer gloss at the centre.

With this kind of makeup women with wheatish skin tone can turn to Glam Goddesses, any time and anywhere.