Best Makeup Tips For Combination Skin

Makeup Tips For Combination Skin

Makeup Tips For Combination SkinCombination skin type is a mixture of oily and shiny T-zone area and relatively drier cheeks and chin. It is always confusing to apply makeup for combination skin as it is quite difficult to know which are the products that will suit the skin and give perfect results.

If we use products that are suitable for oily skin the cheek area will feel very dry and dehydrated and if we use something very rich moisturizing the T-zone may look greasy and can even breakout. We have to be careful about applying makeup to combination skin type so that it does not look unnatural and cakey.

Makeup Tips For Combination Skin

Prep Skin

Before applying makeup it is very important to make it ready to hold the makeup. Cleanse your skin with a gentle cleanser that is specially formulated for balancing skin texture like The Body Shop Seaweed Purifying Facial Cleanser. You know the areas that are prone to become dry, so use a spritz like Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist that will hydrate your skin not allowing it to dry.

Apply an oil free moisturizer or serum like L’Oreal Hydrafresh Deep Boosting Essence. Often it is seen that the oily pars of the skin starts to look shiny on makeup application. Apply a velvet textured primer like Colorbar Perfect Math Primer on those parts for a smoother and longer staying makeup application.

Get Glowing

A rosy cheek makes you look healthy and glowing. Try to apply a pinkish shade that matches your skin the most. If you have dry skin around your cheeks try to settle for a cream based blush as it will not look dry and patchy, and will instead give a natural healthy flush.

pinkish shade

You can use a bronzer for a beautiful summer glow. Take a large fluffy brush and apply on the cheek bones extending towards the apple. Apply some on the chin too. Blend it well so that it is absorbed and gives a lovely illuminated glow.

Add Sheen

As foundation can look quite shiny on oily areas if worn for a long time, after applying it is best to dust some pressed powder on those oily parts for setting it. The problem with combination skin is the cheeks can look very dry and cakey with makeup. To avoid this use a highlighter on the cheeks to give a dewy glow. Don’t forget to use concealer to hide blemishes and imperfections.

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Lip Care

No matter what lip colour you are choosing to wear prep your lips with a lip balm. This will immediately soothe dry or cracked lips and condition them.

lip balm

If you are suffering from severe dryness use a baby toothbrush to scrape off the peeling skin and make the lips smooth. This will make the lipstick application easier and your lips will look sexy.

Eye Tricks

If you are going for a bright eye makeup make sure to prime your lids with a good eye shadow primer. This will make your makeup stand out for a longer time without fading or smudging. Try to use a white pearly shadow to highlight your brow bones. It will brighten your features. It is also important to fill up the brows with a pencil or dark eye shadow. This will give a fresh a clean looking complexion. Never put dark shadows just under browbone as it will make you look tired and exhausted.