Best Makeup Tips For Redheads

makeup for redheadsHave you ever wondered how your hair color influences your makeup? This is so true for the redheads. For the starters, most of the redheads fall into one of these three categories of red shades for their hair – copper or orange red which is the more common category, the deep or the violet red and the vibrant cherry red.

The makeup for the redheads should highlight and flatter the shade of their hair color. Yes, wearing red hair demands a well balanced makeup. It is sad but true that most of the makeup companies do not consider the existence of redheads. So you have to work your way out cautiously.

Generally women with red hair look delicate with their lighter skin tone. But it shouldn’t stop you from experimenting with a bold color on your lips, for example. It should be kept in mind that if you are trying one feature with a bold pigment, rest of the features should be kept soft and subtle. Here are some makeup tips for all you gorgeous redheads.

Best Makeup Tips For Redheads

Eye Makeup

Redheads should stick to the black mascara” say makeup gurus. It gives a refined appearance to the eyes without looking overly done. But you can also try brown, copper or eggplant mascara on your lashes which look great. Add beauty to those expressive eyes with a classic cat eye makeup.

black mascara

Even the dramatic smokey eyes work well for the redheads using traditional charcoal gray tones instead of black shades. Use the eye-shadow in brown which not only complements your skin tone but balances your hair.

Makeup For Lips

For everyday wear, redheads can balance their bold tresses with neutral lip makeup. But don’t think that you have to stick to this neutral shade for those special occasions.

red lipstick

Bold color lips look sexy and beautiful on a fair skinned redhead. Try cherry red or bright pink which draws attention to your lips. Keep rest of the features delicate and subtle.

Style Your Eyebrows

Eyebrows can really define a face, but for redheads as the eyebrows are lighter in shade, it is important to build them up in style to go with your gorgeous red mane. Avoid applying dark and contrasting shades to your eyebrow which can give an artificial look. Instead opt for brown shaded pencils and carefully fill your eyebrows. You could color your brows to one shade darker than your hair color.

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Blush On

Softer tones are the best for blush on the light skin of redhead women. Bring warmth on your face with natural shades like peach or apricot. You can also stick to beige or bronze category which brings out the natural depth of the skin tone.

blush on

Pink is a trickier color for blush as it might give a ruddy complexion, so better avoid it. If you want to experiment with some bold colors, try deep brick or crimson blush in lighter shades.

Dealing With Freckles

One of the things the redheads with lighter skin tone cannot get away with are the freckles. Never be ashamed of your freckles and show off your beautiful freckles with light powder or mineral foundation. Since the skin tone of redheads changes in summer and winter months you have to deal with the freckles carefully with the right foundation and concealer.