Best Natural Cure For Cystitis

CystitisCystitis is a bladder inflammation that is primary a result of UTI. It is mostly found in women. One feels the urge to urinate frequently and is left feeling a pain after urinating. A lot of women who have a short urethra are found to be at a higher risk of contracting cystitis.

Men and children too are at a risk of contracting cystitis. Though the most commonly used treatment for cystitis is a course of antibiotics, more and more people resort to natural cures. Glance through our guide to know more about the best 7 natural cures for treating cystitis

Natural Cures For Cystitis

Ditch Sugar

refined sugar

All bacteria love sugar. So go slow on sugar as much as you can. It doesn’t just increase your problem but lowers immunity as well. Try to avoid sugar wherever possible. If you love sweet, take a break and let your cystitis cure itself first and then gradually go back on consuming sugar again. 

Avoid Acidic Food 

Avoid intake of acidic foods like tea, coffee and chocolate. Curb down your alcohol intake as well. These foods would only aggravate your cystitis.


Instead of opting for acidic food, try and eat alkaline-based food. Fresh lemon juice with water is a good natural cure for treating cystitis. 

Personal Hygiene 

Pay special attention to your personal hygiene and cleanliness. Bathe more often and always clean yourself properly after urinating. Avoid pantyhose and underwear if possible. Wear long and lose pants and cotton clothes if you can. These facilitate proper ventilation and hence promote faster healing. 

Proper Bowel Movement 

Try and include more and more fluids and fibre in your diet to facilitate proper bowel movements. Frequent bowel cleansing will help you get rid of cystitis faster.


It helps flushing out all the harmful toxins from the body and hence helps getting rid of the bacteria. Cystitis can reoccur if not healed from within and then the recovery slows down even more so pay attention to these little details with care.

Avoid Intercourse 

Cystitis is often referred to as ‘honeymoon infection’. This is largely because increased sexual activity may also lead to cystitis in women. So avoid having intercourse until you have cleared the infection completely. Having intercourse while you have cystitis can make the infection go worse.

Make sure you clean yourself properly after sexual intercourse each time. Urinate and empty your bladder and wash and clean yourself to get rid of any bacteria that may have found its way into your bladder during the act. 



Drink up adequate amount of water everyday. The more water you drink, the more toxins and bacteria get flushed out of your system. So make sure you drink at least 10-12 glasses of water each day without fail. Apart from healing cystitis, water has several other health benefits too. 

Toilet Discipline 

This one is especially for women. Make sure you wipe yourself always from front to back and not the other way round. While cleaning your self up after bowel movement, people generally have a habit of wiping from back to front. This leads to the transfer of bacteria from intestine to urethra. Avoid such mistakes at all costs.

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