Best Natural Cures For ADD In Adults

ADDADD (attention deficit disorder) does not only affect the kids, but adults equally as well. It is generally a condition where people find it hard to concentrate and pay attention, leading to problems when they attend social functions or at work places.

There has been no single cause which has been identified as the reason for this condition and is full of uncertainties. However, there are various natural cures which one can carry out to help reduce the effects of ADD or treat ADD in adults in a successful manner. Some of the ways to deal with it naturally are discussed in the following for your reference.

Natural Cures  For ADD In Adults

Herbal Teas

chamomile tea

Herbals teas can be very relaxing and that is why it is one the best ways to deal with adults who are suffering from ADD. Green tea, chamomile tea, Tulsi tea can be used and daily use of it can be pretty beneficial, as they contain antioxidants. These appear to soothe and relax your nervous system, along with improving the entire body’s immune system, making them extremely beneficial when it comes to matters of ADD.


juicy fruits

Your daily diet and nutrition intake it extremely important when it comes to dealing with such issues, even though many studies might not support it. However, those who have tried it at home and replaced their unhealthy diet with a healthy nutritious one (more vegetables, fruits, less sugars and less carbohydrates), appear to see positive results in the behavior on ADD sufferers. So make sure you follow a routine healthy diet daily.



This appears to be one of the best ways to deal with ADD and its symptoms. Those suffering from it must try to calm their nerves by carrying out various relaxation exercises and meditation. They need to include this in their daily routine by allocating some time to it to help them handle their ADD situation in a better manner.

Technology Time-Out

In today’s times, technology has become the need of the day and is used from morning till night without a break, exposing the person to radiation. This most of the times have negative impact on your health, especially making your ADD condition even worse. It is therefore important that those suffering from ADD, try to stay away from technology as much as possible to help with their treatment process.

Massage With Essential Oils

lavender oil

Essential oils such as lavender oil, rose oil can be very beneficial in calming your nerves, in turn relaxing your body to help cure ADD. Massaging every night with the essentials oils before going to bed can be very beneficial to help release stress, which appears to be worsening the ADD effect. Making this a regular habit, at least once a week can be helpful.


ADD can be handled and kept a check on with the above discussed natural cures, but being consistent in your treatments is very important. Also, there might be cases which need professional guidance along with the natural treatment, which might prove to be beneficial in your struggle with the ADD condition.