Best Natural Hair Care Tips

Best Natural Hair Care Tips

Hair care is one of the important aspects that most of the women are concerned about. There might be thousands of products available in the market and various therapies that salons might offer you. The former, however, can leave behind chemicals in the hair causing damage. The latter is expensive and not at all pocket friendly. Now, since hair plays a significant role in the beauty of a woman it becomes your responsibility to maintain them. To take extra care of your hair, you can follow some home remedies that are not only safe but also affordable. Here is a simple list of natural solutions that if followed regularly can give you perfect results for your hair.

Home Made Solutions for Hair Care

Massage from Coconut Oil

One of the easiest ways is to massage the hair with coconut oil every alternate day or twice in a week. This boosts hair growth and also improves the quality.

Best Natural Hair Care Tips

You can also make use of hot oil treatment on the hair once in a while. Herein, you just have to warm the coconut oil a little and apply on the scalp properly. Visible results can be seen if followed habitually.

Concentrated Apple Cider Vinegar

Rinse the hair with apple cider vinegar that has been concentrated with water. Keep this for 15-20 minutes and wash it off. Such a home treatment will give back the volume in the hair and also its lost shine.

Beer Wash

Another way of getting back the shine and the quality of your hair is to wash it with beer and keep it covered for an hour or two. Rinse the hair with cool water after that. Follow this natural remedy at least once in a month to get best outcomes.

Beer Wash

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Honey and Fresh Cream Combo

Mix in some honey with fresh cream and apply evenly on the scalp. This acts as a natural conditioner and also helps in removing the tangles from the hair. Only honey can also be applied and kept for about half an hour before washing.

Oil Combo

Mix in some good quality coconut oil with castor oil and mustard oil and massage the hair and scalpthoroughly. This acts as a good natural product for the hair and improves its quality threefold. You can keep it overnight before shampooing the hair.

The Advantage of Multani Mitti

For those who suffer from the issues of oiliness in hair, Multani mitti works real wonders. Washing with this wonderful product will not only remove the extra oil from the hair but also clean it properly of all the dirt and chemicals. This will induce hair growth.

Advantage of Multani Mitti

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Nourishing Hair Pack

For those having extra damaged hair and excessive hair problems, here is a natural hair pack that you can use for improving the condition. For the pack all you have to do is mix in olive oil, honey, sesame oil and fresh coconut milk. To this add an egg and some coconut oil and blend well. Application of this mask on the hair for 45 minutes to one hour will really help you in getting back the shine and the quality of the hair. These are some of the top most natural remedies for hair care at home. However, if the problem still persists it is always recommended to visit a dermatologist for professional help.