Best Remedies For Dry Skin

Best Remedies For Dry Skin

Best Remedies For Dry SkinWinters are approaching and along with all the joys of winter the problems associated with dry skin are also approaching. Harsh and cold days of winter just rob off all the moisture from face and skin and make it lifeless and dull. This becomes all the more problematic for girls with dry hair. The good news is dry skin can be reversed even in winters. Tips for dry skin care

How to get rid of Dry Skin

Do not use Soap

You may find this tip a bit weird. Soap is supposed to clean our skin and kill the bacteria. So, if one does not use soap how will one feel ‘clean’? Well, the answer is that it is not necessary to use soap daily on the entire body to feel clean.

Best Remedies For Dry Skin

Soap contains harsh chemicals which suck off all the sebum and moisture from the skin and dries it further. Just use soap on those areas where germ build up is easy like armpits, soles of the feet, outer skin of genitals, etc. On rest of the skin simply rub a soft washcloth and you are good to go.

Massage Your Body Regularly

Try to massage your skin regularly with some nourishing oils. Coconut, olive, almond oils are great options but if you find them a bit expensive than regular oils like mustard, sufflower, groundnut oil also work well.

You need not slather large amounts on your skin daily, just take a tablespoon for your entire body and gently massage on the entire body. Start from toe and then work your way up. Wait for 15 – 20 minutes and then take your bath with plain water.

 Use Moisturizer on Damp Face

When applied on damp skin the tropical moisturizers get trapped in the skin and prevent dryness. The best time to use a body lotion is immediately after bath when your skin is still damp.

Best Remedies For Dry Skin

Take small dollops of lotion and apply all over your body, massaging your skin in a circular motion. You need not buy very expensive body lotions. Inexpensive body lotions with ingredients like glycerine, ceramides, lanolin, petroleum, etc. work well.

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Exfoliate Regularly

By regular exfoliation, we mean exfoliating once in a week on regular basis. Exfoliation helps in dislodging dead cells, dirt and grime from the skin and helps the new and young skin surface up. Exfoliation also helps in better absorption of moisturizer.

Apply Sunscreen Regularly

Sunrays make skin dry and dull so using a sunscreen is the best prevention. Buy a broad spectrum sunscreen which protects you from both – UVA and UVB rays. A sunscreen with SPF 30 is good enough for your skin.

Best Remedies For Dry Skin

Take a blob of it and apply on your face, hands and other exposed body parts. Ideally you should apply sunscreen 20 minutes before stepping out of home.

If you plan to stay at home, then also use sunscreen on regular basis. It will prevent early signs of ageing also. Follow these tips right away and fall in love with your silky smooth skin.