Best Short Bob Haircuts Trends

Bobs were in great fashion earlier, in the retro style, but over the years that has disappeared, but recently they having been making rounds again. There are various kinds of short bob styles which are in trend, which are easy to maintain and can be well kept even if you are not a celebrity.

It is very important to stay in the trend and it sometimes gets difficult for those with short hair to do so, but recently we have seen that short bobs are in fashion and that many celebrities are opting for it, making them more popular.

Best Short Bob Haircuts

Below discussed are some of the best short bob haircuts which are in fashion this season for your reference.

Short Bob With Side Swept Bangs

This appears to be the one hairstyle which is in most demand, as it gives a chic feel, long with looking extremely trendy. It helps give definition to the shape and the features of the face, making them appear sharper.

Short Bob With Side Swept Bangs

In this you will get a short bob with a curve at the end and some bangs which are side swept to give the right effect. Usually looks good on straight hair or with semi wavy hair.

The Symmetrical Fringe Short Bob

Some bobs never go out of style, for instance that one which Katie holms adorns and has been in fashion ever since.

Symmetrical Fringe Short Bob

It has a short sleep bob, where in the front it is cut as a symmetrical fringe with a middle partition and a few strands of hair in the middle, completing the look. It gives amazing frame to the face.

The Funky Mussy Bob

This is for the people who want to give their face a funky look with semi curly and wavy hair. This appears to work well with all kinds of shapes and lengths.

Funky Mussy Bob

This is basically a layered cut (a few) and is a very simple cut, which makes a woman look feminine and sweet. This also goes well with any kind of outfit.

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Short Bob Hairstyle Front Bangs

This again looks good on straight hair and for someone who has a long face, as it will then compliment their whole appearance and the personality.

Short Bob Hairstyle Front Bangs

These are the eye grazing straight bangs (which fall until the eyebrows), giving the sleek and straight look. This might not suit everyone, hence it is important to go for this look only if you are very sure.

The A-Line Short Bob

This according to the stylists works along with the jawline of the person and not against it. This appears to be the favourite of the young crowd these days, as it gives them a sleek, confident and edgy look from the rest of them. In this the back is slightly shorter than in the front and hence the name of the hairstyle.

A-Line Short Bob

Following a trend might not be difficult but making sure it suits and that you can carry it off is some hard work. So if you are in two minds about something you would want to consult a professional stylist to help choose your look, as you would not want to make a mistake.