Best Strength Training Exercises For Women

Best Strength Training Exercises For Women

Best Strength Training Exercises For Women Every woman aspires for a slim and sexy figure, but the open ended question is how to achieve one? Run, run, run but what’s the fun? Diet, but will you be able to then live healthy and fight? Shedding off calories isn’t possible if you don’t have the strength to workout. Hence, it’s crucial to strengthen your muscles and body to sustain a healthy and fruitful workout.

Going to gym isn’t mandatory to be fit. You may lose the extra pounds in no span of time, but the probability to gain that weight is equal. So let’s adopt some basic exercises for which you do not need heavy machines or gym subscription. You can perform these exercises at your home on a regular basis.

Strength Training Exercises at Home

Upper Body

Upper body will cover the back and shoulder exercises. You can make use of Dumbbells or Iron Bar (rod).

How To

Lift the bar with both the hands and bring them close to your chest. You need to raise the arms straight above your head, and then bring the bar till your chest. Repeat this set for 20 times, and perform this exercise twice. This will strengthen the muscles of your arms. Once you start feeling comfortable with the beginner level, increase the weight and the set from twice to thrice and so on.

Middle Body

Best Strength Training Exercises For Women

Middle Body covers the abdominal muscles. Some very basic exercises can be performed with the help of sheet or a mat.

How To

Spread the mat on floor. Lay down straight on the mat, and lift your upper body by keeping legs at a static position. Lift the body upwards, and touch your feet by spreading the arms. Repeat this set for 20 times, and perform this exercise twice. This will tone up your abdominal muscles.

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Lower Body

Lower Body covers thigh and leg muscles. All you need is a rope for skipping.

How To

You can skip a rope 100 times during one cycle. This would not just affect your leg muscles; instead it will reduce the calories too. If you don’t have a rope handy, you can use the staircase. If you are a working woman and use lift in your office, then, it’s time to start climbing the staircase instead. These can be performed at the beginner level, and once you build up your stamina, you can increase the time and intensity of your workout. If you have been going to gym, then, you will find multiple machines to perform weight training.

Usually, women think that by doing weight trainings, they will end up in building muscles. Don’t forget, the calories you shed off through cardio may de-shape your figure. Hence, it’s crucial to bundle your cardio sessions with strengthening exercises. Studies have proven that cardio  decreases weight, wherein strengthening exercises would lessen up the inches.

So, try them out and see the difference! I am sure you will be amazed to see the results at the end of the month, so don’t wait. Give it a go, just like we express our instant instinct on listening about shopping, gossips, this needs an immediate call too.

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