4 Best Suited Hair Colors For Brunettes

Hair Colors For Brunettes

What comes to your mind when you think of brunette hair colors? A rich hue of chocolate and caramel, or a tint of cocoa and cinnamon, isn’t it? Brunette is elegant, smart, fun, hot and there is a great choice of colors for different hairstyles.

In fact brunette colors complement various skin tones and facial features offering a mysterious and bold look. Moreover, there are so many varieties of brunette hair colors that it becomes easy for people to style their hair with Tint-backs, lowlights and highlights.

So whether you are in a mood of pepping up your looks or you simply want to transform yourself into a sexy brunette, here is a rundown on some of the best suited brunette hair color shades.

Best Suited Hair Colors For Brunettes


Cinnamon is a classic shade of brunette that can flatter fair skin and can work wonders on straight or curly hairs. Cinnamon is often available with red or golden highlights. If you want add up a little style to your hair, look for words like “light”, “golden” and “spice” when purchasing the hair color.

Cinnamon brunette shade


Those looking for darker tones of brown should opt for Chocolate brunettes. Chocolate brunette is basically a dark brown shade, very close to black color. The color works exceptionally well with olive skin and it also compliments fair skin. If you are buying a chocolate brunette shade for yourself, look for words such as “dark,” “cocoa” and “black” in the description.



Ash brunette shades generally have blond highlights. These shades can be particularly useful if you want to give definition to your hair or add more highlights.

You can also use ash brunette shades to cover the grey. When buying ash brunette shades, choose the color with caution as they come in dark, medium and light shades.

Ash brunette shades


Nut brunette shades resemble color and tone of nuts such as Chestnut and Walnut. Nut brunette shades are basically medium to dark shades of brown with reddish highlights. When buying a nut brunette color for yourself, look for words such as “Chestnut,” “hazelnut” and “Nut” in the product description.

Nut brunette shades

How To Give Brunette Color To Hair Naturally?

Colors that are available commercially are often discouraged because of presence of carcinogens in them. However, you can give yourself the same glowing brown hair look with help of all-natural and safe ingredients.

Dark tea, strong black coffee, sage, rosemary and walnut hulls are some organic ingredients which can bestow brunette color to your hair. Brewed coffee and tea are one of the easiest color concoctions that can be prepared at home.

All that you need to do is pour extra strong liquid of tea or coffee through your hair, at least 15 times. Make sure that you do not rinse with water. You may also soak your hair in the liquid for 15 to 20 minutes. Your hair will get a rich reddish brown color.

Bestow Brunette

Maintaining Brunette Hair Color

Brunette hair color shades are known for their light glazed brown-sugar color and its deep rich effect. Brunette shades do not look very unnatural and they also do not give a faded or washed out look after some time.

However, using a good shampoo, conditioner or color enhancer can help you get even better effect and keep your hair glazing. There are a number of products such as John Frieda Luminous Color Glaze and Pantene Pro-V color treatment that can further enhanced brunette colors.

Brunette hair color shades