Best Summer Makeup Tips

summer makeup tipsAre you going through scary nightmares related to your summer makeups? If yes and if you are getting terrified of those summer makeup melt downs and wet makeup disasters that you have faced earlier then get rid of your fears as we are here to help you out from this problem.

With our great summer makeup tips you will rock the beach even in the sunny daylight. Have a look at some of the really effective tips:

Best Makeup Tips For Summer

Think About Applying Sunscreen

While taking a summer makeup the first and foremost thing is to think about your skin SPF. If you are going to stay outside for long hours then you must go for a good quality sunscreen lotion with high SPF.


Take sufficient amount of sunscreen and apply it on all the exposed parts of our body generously minimum 20 minutes before leaving the home. Leave it to get absorbed into your skin for maximum protection.

Say No To Heavy Base Makeup

If you are planning to go out in the sunny summer daylight then avoid a face full of heavy makeup. Completely skip the use of base makeup and compensate by using a light concealer. Use of concealer will cover all the blemishes and spots along with reducing the chances of blotting away your makeup along with sweat. A stick concealer is more appropriate for this purpose as it stays on the face for a long time.

Apply Powder on Your Face

After applying concealer on your face if you want to make your makeup more permanent then blow your powder puff on the face.

powder on face

Application of a little powder on your face would provide you a dry and more polished look along with a light and fresh feel. In case of oily skin you can try out applying translucent powders as movement in the sun may increase the oil production of your skin.

Try Out Pencil Liner And Clear Mascara

In case you are going to hang around in summer then you must take a break from your usual liquid liner and black and brown mascara.

pencil liner

Instead you can go for a pencil liner as it will be a good replacement of water proof liners in order to protect your eye makeup from melting and smudging. It will also be great if you can try out clear mascara apart from black as it will maintain the freshness of your eyelashes all day long.

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Use Long Lasting Gloss

Another very effective summer makeup tip is the use of lip gloss and not a lipstick. You must avoid lipstick for lip staining as it will look fussy in the bright daylight and may also slide off due to the heat. In this case a colored lip balm or a lip gloss can be the right choice for you as it will give your lips a natural and sufficient color along with a long lasting and polished feeling.

lip gloss

Get ready to rock the summer right now with all these highly effective and wonderful summer makeup tips. No more smudging, melting and draping. Your face will glow and shine in the sun if you follow the tips without hesitation. So move fast and get your summer makeup right now.