Best Tips And Treatment For Dry Skin

Best Tips And Treatment For Dry Skin

Best Tips And Treatment For Dry Skin Nothing can be bad as the problem of dry skin. It not only makes you look dull but is also responsible for wrinkles and premature aging of the skin. Dry skin problem is common during winter months – your hands, lips, face and body may feel exceptionally itchy and dry. Treatment becomes necessary to get relief and also to prevent irreparable damage. Here are some easy ways to treat dry skin.

Tips for Dry Skin Treatment

Moisturize Regularly

Dry skin means dehydration – it means you need to add moisture. To moisturize you can use different  herbal moisturizing lotions and creams which do not have side effects. At home you can apply whipped cream, curd and olive oil on a regular basis to keep your skin soft and moisturized.

Cover up

Dry skin is caused due to damage – it can be excessive heat or due to extreme cold. In the summer months, you need to use a sunscreen lotion whenever you step out of your home. In the chilly days you should cover up as much as you can to prevent skin contact with outside air. Dress intelligently to reduce your skin exposure while staying fashionable.

Reduce Hot Water Usage

A good way to treat dry skin is by completely avoiding use of hot water. You may be fond of steamy water but it is not good for your skin since it takes away moisture.

Best Tips And Treatment For Dry Skin

Hot water removes the natural oil barrier from the skin which traps moisture and keeps the skin moist. An effective way is to indulge in warm showers but not more than 5 minutes. Remember to immediately moisturize your skin after the bath.


Cleaning your skin is important but remember to check the composition of your skincare product. If you are using soaps with antibacterial additives it is going to dry your skin further. Try to use cleansers which have ceramides that have fatty molecules, which will help to retain the skin moisture. Reduce using cosmetic toners, astringents and peels which are made from alcohol which causes drying.

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Fish Oil Pills

Best Tips And Treatment For Dry Skin

Omega 3 fish pills are used as dry skin treatment. You can have two pills in a day and will be able to see the results within a week. The skin gets a fresh look and dryness disappears slowly.

Homemade Treatment

Honey works well to trap skin moisture. It is loaded with anti-microbial and antioxidant properties and can be used to prepare home facial packs. You just need to lightly heat it and dab it gently over over your skin. Aloe vera works wonderfully for your skin.

If you have the plant at home, you can extract its gel and apply it on your skin. It soothes dry skin and gives it a protective layer preventing impurities from seeping into the skin through pores. Milk cream can be used to treat dry skin with some drops of lime and applied on the skin. It softens dry skin amazingly.

You can try out any of these treatment ideas or any one of the above and see how wonderfully your skin glows.