Best Tips For Aging Skin Care

aging Skin Care

Age has a deep impact on our skin. While age brings lots of wisdom, tranquility and grace with it, your skin bears the brunt of getting older. You develop fine lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet and a generally dull and dry skin. All these adverse effects come with age because as we grow old our skin’s regenerative capacity slows down.

Nevertheless, there are many things we can do to delay the signs of aging and look and feel young and beautiful.

7 Tips for Aging Skin Care

Always Use Sunscreen

Sun takes a lot of toll on our skin. Harsh sun light damages our skin and makes it ugly and vulnerable. Blemishes, pigmentation, dark, dry and dull skin, etc are all results of long unprotected exposure to sun. To protect your skin from these skin woes and to maintain its health (yes, you read that right because sun light can give you skin cancer), it is important to use a good quality sunscreen on daily basis.

Use a sunscreen with at least SPF 30. Apply the sunscreen at least twice a day. If your job involves exposing your skin in sun light for long hours than keep reapplying the sunscreen every 3 hours. Within a month you will notice nice changes in your skin texture and complexion. Try it out now!


Keep Yourself Hydrated from Inside Out

We all know that our bodies are made up of 70% water still we do not care for drinking adequate water. Drinking water can do miracles to our skin and our overall looks. Drinking a liter of water on daily basis as the first thing in the morning can reinvigorate your entire system and can make you look and feel healthy and young. If you find a liter of water a way too hard to drink at one go then start with two glasses and increase it to 4-5 glasses gradually.

This therapy is very effective in cleaning your bowels, reenergizing your hormonal glands and flushing out the toxins and the end result is a super glowing and healthy skin. To stay hydrated from outside, use moisturizers on daily basis on your entire body. Use them immediately after shower and feel the plumpness in your skin. At night time, slap your face with a good quality night cream. It will show up very soon on your face.

drink water

Do Not Forget to Take Care of Your Hands and Feet

We abuse our hands and feet regularly and still forget to take good care of them. The skin on hands and feet also need proper attention to ward off the signs of aging. Apply good quality body lotion on your skin and feet immediately after bath. At bedtime, massage your hands and feet with Vaseline and wear cotton gloves and socks at least for two hours.

This will help the lubricant go deep into the skin and will help in hydrating and healing the skin. Once in a week scrub your hands and feet with a good quality gentle scrub. You can also make one at home by mixing cream with ground rice powder. It gives excellent results without pinching hard on your pocket.

apply cream

Eat Well

Good food can do wonders to your skin. Eat healthy and nutritious meals on daily basis and avoid tinned, processed and packaged foods completely. Plan your home cooked meals in the beginning of the day and act accordingly. Besides, make it a point to eat a plate of salad in lunch and a bowl full of clear vegetable soup in the evening.

Snack on fruits twice a day and consume dairy products and whole grains in the breakfast. Include eggs, pulses, lean meat and whole grains in your lunch and breakfast. This kind of diet planning will leave you with healthy choices throughout the day and will provide all the essential nutrients to your skin for healing and regenerating.

taking diet

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Regular exercises help you lose weight, stay fit, flush out toxins from body and feel good about yourselves. While health benefits of exercises cannot be ignored, the cosmetic benefits of exercises are also worth mentioning. Exercises like aerobics, cardios, breathing exercises, Pilates, etc. help you in flushing out toxins, increasing the blood circulation and look beautiful.

When you exercise hard, you inhale more of fresh oxygen and it reflects in your rosy pink chicks. So, exercise on regular basis. Include a variety of exercises like stretches, strength training, yogasans, breathing exercises, etc to avoid monotony and bring freshness to workout. If you have not exercised in your young age then it will be wise to meet your doctor first and take her suggestions for right kind of exercise regimen since working too hard late in the life can inflict harm to your muscles.

Physical Exercise


Regular facials can make you look far younger and glowing. While doing facial, the beauty care expert first assesses the type and needs of your skin and then decides on the right kind of facial. She then cleanses, scrubs, massages and uses a face [pack on your face and neck.

This entire process deep cleans and nourishes your skin from deep within. It helps in maintaining a youthful glow since dead cells have been shed and skin has been hydrated well. The face pack takes care of tightening the skin and pores. So, go for regular facials with a well experienced and certified beauty care expert.


Sleep Well

A good night sleep can do wonders to your skin. The reason is that when we sleep our skin heals itself. The dead cells are shed off and the new and young cells are generated. This helps in getting the taut and youthful look. On the contrary, we all are aware of the adverse effects of lack of sleep – dark circles, bleary eyes, dull skin and a desolated look.

So, take 8 hours of undisturbed sleep and look younger with each passing day. If you are not able to sleep well throughout the night then work in this direction. Meet your doctor, meditate before sleeping and work hard throughout the day to get nice sleep.


Follow these tips and age gracefully wherein you don’t look like an old mess but a beautiful dignified old woman!