2 Best Tips For Making Hair Bows For Girls

Beautiful petite hair bows look stunning on a hairdo and it is a must have accessory for every girl. These hair bows can be worn by any woman of any age group. They look best when its color is matched with the dress. But, wouldn’t it be expensive to have all the colors of a hair bow? Why not try and make these lovely hair accessories at home.

Hair Bows

It’s easy and will only take a few minutes. Moreover, you will be more than happy in the end as you will be left with so many different colored hair bows. Let’s read a few useful tips on how to make a hair bow at home.

Tips To Make A Hair Bow At Home

Basic Hair Bow

What Will You Need

To make a basic hair bow, you will require a pair of scissors, dental floss, ribbon (40” length), glue sticks or a glue gun and a hair clip of your choice.

Simply cut the ribbon into two sizes of 16” and 24” separately. Now, pick the 24” sized ribbon and wrap it around your four fingers. Start from the tiny finger first and gradually roll the ribbon to the forefinger. Now, hold the shape of the loops and gently remove your fingers, while holding the center. With the help of dental floss, tie the center and unfold the loops.

If the ends are very long, just trim them to give a neat look. Do this same procedure with the 16” length ribbon, but here you need to overlap the ends by half inch while making loops. Keep the small sized layer on the larger one which is 24” length bow layer and tie them up with a dental floss. Glue your favorite hair pin with this bow with the help of hot glue. Hide the dental floss with a small piece of ribbon in the center. Alternatively, you can cover that up with a beautiful pearl or a button.

Basic Hair Bow

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Korker Hair Bow

What Will You Need

To make Korker hair bows, you will require many ¼ inches wooden dowel rods, grosgrain ribbon, aluminium foil, oven, hair clips and few clothespins.

These are a very popular type of bows. You can use them on your hair or you can use them on your little girl’s head. She will look even more cuter with these! Take a wooden dowel rod and a long piece of grosgrain ribbon. Start wrapping the ribbon around the rod and make sure it doesn’t overlap. Fasten the ends of the ribbon with a clothespin. Now take the aluminium foil and use it to completely cover the rod and place the rod in the oven, which must be preheated at 275° F.

Keep the rod in the oven for atleast 15 minutes. You can repeat this procedure with many rods and ribbons and keep them together in the oven. After 15 minutes, take a rod out and check if the ribbon has curled on it or not. After it has been properly curled, cut the curled ribbon into 25 to 50 sections and seal their ends. Take a 12” length string and place the sections on it in a vertical way and secure them with several knots, so that there is an equal distance between all ribbons. Glue the bow to the hairclip with a button or pearl embellishment in the center.

Korker Hair Bow

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