Best Tips – How To Do Manicure At Home

Tips For Dry Hands

manicureBeautiful and glossy hands and nails are the dream of every girl. But it often becomes too much time consuming and difficult to go to a beauty salon in order to get well-groomed and stunning hands and nails.Here are some of the tips about how to do manicure at home and turn your dull and pale hands and nails into an art piece.

Manicure At Home

Remove The Old Nail Polish

The first step to do a manicure is to remove the old and chipped nail polish. For this purpose you can use a nail polish remover and pads or cotton balls. After taking the nail polish remover on a cotton ball apply it on the stained parts of your nails and rub it thoroughly till the entire nail polish marks get removed properly.


Some of the available nail polish removers in the market can dry the surrounding area of your nails or you may have some allergic reactions. So choose your nail polish remover carefully.

Trim And Buff Your Nails

The trimming of nails is an art. Always remember to trim your nails in one particular direction starting from the bottom edge till the center top. Keep on doing this alternately until you get a smooth and rounded curve in your nails. And for this purpose use a nail file or a nail trimmer. Always avoid cutting your nails too short and keep at least a little of the white tip. After the completion of the trimming with the help of a nail buffer buff the surface and the harsh ridges of your nails and make them smooth and plain. But don’t buff too much as this can make your nails thin and weak.

Clean And Soak Your Nails

The next step is to clean the nails in order to remove the dust, dirt and the dead cells and to bring a glossy and rejuvenating look. First, with the help of a nail cleaner excavate the lower part of your nails. After cleaning them properly wash your hands thoroughly with running water to remove the nail dust, remover residue and grease.


Next, soak your nails in a bowl containing warm and soapy water for around 10-15 minutes to make the cuticles soft. With the help of a nail brush gently clean the nails and scrape under them to remove the dirt if required. Don’t scrape too much as this can weaken your nails and make them thinner.

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Manage The Cuticles

After drying your nails apply a cuticle cream on the cuticles to make them softer and to manage them. In the next step with the help of a blunt cuticle stick push the cuticles back close to the base of the nail. Always remember not to force the cuticles back to the base or not even try to cut your cuticles. After the repositioning of the cuticles to the base of the nails take a hand cream or lotion and apply them on your hands and massage them for some time. Allow the cream to stay on your nails and hand for around 30 minutes. Don’t forget to rub the cream on your nails.

Apply Nail Polish And Nail Paints

The last but not the least step of manicure is to apply nail polish and fancy nail paints according to your personal preference. First, apply a very thin layer of nail polish or a base coat to your nails by swiping the polish for minimum three times on your nails. After that allow the nail polish to get dried completely. Keep patience and let the nail polish undisturbed to dry for some time.

Manicure At Home

The next step is to add additional coats of the nail polish to create much deeper and finished color. Remember to allow each layer to dry first before going to the next step.Well, the above mentioned steps will help you to get a proper manicure at your home without spending your valuable time and money in the salon waiting for your turn to come.