Best Tummy Exercises For Women

Best Tummy Exercises For Women

Everyone desires for a flat stomach and flat Abs. But many people might not be sure about the exercises which can get you a flat stomach. They may also fear as these Abs exercises are painful and stressing. Well, no doubt they are a bit painful and require a lot of effort initially but later on one might develop the flexibility and strength to perform these work-outs without much pain and stress and can finally achieve a flat tummy. The abdominal exercises make your abdominal muscles more strong.

Tummy Exercises for Women

Bulging tummy does not look good at all. And girls especially try to get rid of this. Hence, here are given some tummy exercise for women that can get you the desired flat stomach and make you free from the stomach bulges.

The Bicycle Exercise

Lie down in a supine position and place your hands behind your head. Your head must be lightly supported by your fingers. Now lift your knees, bring them closer to your chest and lift your shoulder blades as well without pulling the neck along.

Best Tummy Exercises For Women

In the next step, rotate to the left side and bring your right elbow close to your left knee while you straighten the other leg. Now repeat the same when you rotate to the right side, bringing your left elbow close to your right knee while straightening the left leg. Repeat this exercise for 1 to 3 sets of 12 to 16 repetitions. The bicycle exercise is considered very much effective as it targets the rectus abdominal muscle (six packs) and the obliques muscle (the waist) according to a study.

Exercise that Targets Your Core Muscles

The ‘ball roll-outs’ exercise targets your core muscles and strengthens them. Start this exercise by placing your forearms on the ball, elbows under your shoulders and your knees on the floor. Now lift yourselves up on your toes in a way that your knees are straightened.

Breathe out and extend your arms rolling the ball away from you while keeping your belly button tucked in. After this, inhale while you begin to gain your original position, that is, bending your arms again so that your forearms are placed on the ball and knees on the floor.

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Captain’ Chair Leg Raise

There is another exercise which is quite effective on your rectus muscle and abdomen muscle. It also involves the hip flexors and the quadriceps. This exercise is performed on the captain’s chair that can be found in fitness clubs and gyms. This chair has padded handholds, supports for your legs, a padded back rest and no seat.

Best Tummy Exercises For Women

What you have to do is, stand on the chair, grip the handholds, place your feet on the lower supports and stabilize your body. Now press your back against the pad on the chair and then contract your abs to raise your legs and bring your knees closer to your chest lifting them from the support. After that, lower your legs slowly. Repeat this exercise for 1 to 3 sets of 12 to 16 repetitions.