Best Ways To Fake A Suntan

sunlesstanningMany fair skinned people hesitate to join in gatherings and get together events because of the fear that they may be embarrassed by the fact that they are the palest people around. They have to get themselves a good tan to be able to mingle with the guests without any fear or hesitation.

However, a lot of individuals do not have time to go sunbathing in order to get a natural tan. So what are the options they have available? This articles talks about the various options available to get a natural tanned look.

Use tanning beds

Tanning beds are a great option to get a great looking natural tanned look. When you first start using tanning beds, you should avoid long session with too much light; instead, start off by taking short sessions with lesser amount of light. As you progress with using the tanning beds you can add on more time with each session. Tanning beds can work their miracle in helping you get that bronzed natural tan look.

Airbrush tans

Air brush tans are another great tanning option. Tans using air brushes are very common and are easily available options in beauty salons. However, the only drawback is that this method is not for the people who would like a tanned look by spending less money. Airbrush tanning is pretty expensive and can cost up to $60 for a single session.

Spray tan booths

Spray tan booths are a blessing for people who cannot afford the cost for airbrush tanning. You can get tanned using the spray tan booths for just $20 per session. You need to enter a booth and the tanning color will be sprayed on you from all directions. As you walk out of the booth, the extra tan spray is removed and this helps impart a natural tan to your body. The benefit is that this tan is long lasting if you are not a person who goes swimming daily and does not sweat often. The drawback is that, the booths are dark and narrow; hence, people suffering from claustrophobia might not find this to be a great option.

Get a tanning lotion

This is the best way of getting a self-tan. Tanning lotions are available in pharmacy stores. You can buy one tube and apply it on your face. You can also apply it on your entire body, if you have time on hand. Just ensure that the tan color is a shade darker than your skin color.

These are all great option for an overall golden-bronzed natural tanned look.