Best Winter Makeup Tips

winter makeupWinter months can see a sea of changes in your skin texture. Your soft and supple skin can turn into dry and rough with patches. The complexion too may turn darker and look dull. Your favorite products which worked wonders on your skin in summer days are no longer useful for dry winter months. In such a case, doing makeup on your face is not that easy.

You have to keep your skin well moisturized and hydrated. The choice of colors you do should be such that they brighten your lifeless skin. It is important to address your skin’s condition before you proceed with the application of your makeup.

A great makeup starts with a great skin. So look after your skin throughout the winter months for a healthy and radiant skin. Winter months also mean a holiday season; with lots of parties and socializing, you just cannot afford to look monotonous. Here are some of the best winter makeup tips which can help you bring a glow onto your face in the gloomy winter months.

Best Winter Makeup Tips

Right Foundation

It is important to provide the best possible base for your makeup using a right foundation in the winter months. As your skin tends to become drier with flaky patches you cannot go ahead with your makeup unless you have addressed the base issue.


Pick up a moisturizing and nourishing foundation depending on your skin type, your skin color and the coverage you require. Silicone based foundations are preferred for winter months. Using a primer before foundation is very important as it prepares the surface and holds your makeup through the day.

Lips Makeup

Dry and cracked lips can ruin how your lipstick looks. So you have to keep your lips well moisturized to avoid flaky and chapped lips.

lip makeup

While peachy and nude shades look easy and low-key, you can also try bold colors which look fabulous and lively. Use a nude lip liner or a same shade as your lip color. Your lip makeup is not complete without a final touch of lip gloss. Always remember to remove your lipstick before you sleep and apply moisturizer.

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Eye Makeup

Draw attention to your beautifully defined eyes with an elegant eye makeup. For special occasions, spruce up your eyes with a smokey effect keeping rest of your makeup nude and natural.

eye makeup

If you want to go soft and sheer with eye makeup then choose shimmering rose, peach or light bronze for a perfect look. Shimmery pastel eye shadows add a touch of winter magic to your eyes. Use a liquid or gel liner on the eyes. Complete your look with black mascara.

Blush Shades

Choosing the perfect shade of blush can be quite challenging. The shades of blush you choose should bring warmth and glow on your face.


Avoid reds and pinks and opt for cream blush. Blend it well so that demarcating lines and patches do not show up. After applying the blush pat some translucent powder to avoid dryness.